The Cutest Little Baby Shower I Ever Did Attend

dessert bar

You guys, I’m so bummed about these pictures. My friend planned and hosted the most beautiful Welcome Baby shower for another friend of ours and because I still haven’t learned how to take my camera off auto, I had no idea how to solve the issue of back-lighting. The result: dark and often blurry pictures of what was probably one of the most beautiful baby showers I have ever been to. Even though these pictures don’t do the afternoon justice, I wanted to share all these beautiful ideas with you anyway.  There was a dessert table, a lunch table, a candy bar, a present table and extra special embellishments throughout the house.  And the food–OH, the food! Mouth watering good! We played this game and this game and then enjoyed the new Momma opening all her presents. All guests left with a baby pink nail polish and a bag filled with yummy candy.  It was perfect.

red velvet cake

chocolate and raspberry cupcakes

raspberry cupcake

pumpkin mouse

marshmallow pops

raspberry punch

baby shower lunch

pink baby shower

fruit cups

candy bar

nail polish party favor

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  1. Looks so so gorgeous! Wow!

  2. SO adorable! This is one of the best baby showers I have seen. Lots of sweets too! YUM!

  3. Really, such a fun shower. Even though I bombed both of those games.

  4. That is adorable! What great details!

  5. Valerie Broaddus says:

    Adorable! (& if you hadn’t mentioned your camera issues, I would have never known).

  6. It’s beautiful! I enjoy reading your blog. I stumbled upon it somehow while I was pregnant and your youngest and mine are only weeks apart.

    As for the blurry photo issue. Put your camera in aperture priority mode (A if using Nikon. I think it’s AV if using Canon ?). All you need to select is your aperture/f stop number and the camera picks the rest of the settings. The lower the number (f stop) the more background blur you’ll receive and the more light is left into the camera. If there still isn’t enough light (you’re getting blurry photos), manually bump up your ISO. When you adjust your ISO you’re allowing more light in. Higher the number = more light. When you do this, you’ll see your shutter number automatically increase. Pay attention to that number. As a rule, you never want the shutter speed to be slower than the mm number on your lens. If using 50mm lens, don’t let that shutter go lower than 50 to prevent camera shake if you’re doing hand held.

    A few more notes – the higher the f stop number, the more in focus your picture will be and the less light will be left in the camera.
    The higher the ISO, the more noise you’ll see in your photos. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the shot if you don’t want to use a flash.

    Use shutter priority mode when you’re dealing with movement. You select the shutter and the camera will do it’s best to select the other settings.

    Manual mode, you control everything. Look at the light meter and adjust your aperture and shutter to meet in the middle at zero. (In general,) Sometimes your light meter will get confused (ex. too much white in a photo and the camera thinks it’s too bright and underexposes) and you adjust according. Test shoot if need be.

    Hope this helps!

  7. extremely cute! i love the reddish frosting for the cake and the entire color pattern for this baby shower theme.

  8. Absolutely stunning! I love the colours and all the touches!

    Katie xx

  9. I came back to look at something from the party and see my comment was deleted. What the heck. Hopefully it helped in some way.

  10. Can you tell me where I can get the tulip looking cup cake cups?

  11. Ashley
    i think you and your family are most adorable, God bless you 4…
    continue blogging and keeping it REAL and refreshing…

  12. Would you by chance be willing to share the recipe for the raspberry punch? I am planning a birthday for my daughter and would love to provide a raspberry punch :).

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