Whatever Craft Weekend Part 2: The Shopping


Now, onto the antiquing portion of Whatever Craft Weekend. To read Part One about the Craft House and our projects, click here.

After our fun first night of sewing ruffle aprons, we woke up on Saturday and got dressed for an outing that included a Barn Sale, a dairy farm, the most perfect antique store and a massive barn overflowing with treasures. First stop was the Barn Sale at a dairy farm. I snatched 3 vintage suitcases, an old children’s book and spent some time with these charming dairy cows.


Next was the Whatever Craft Weekend infamous antique store–Bearly Makin-It. This is the destination spot for vintage quilts and mason jars–and I was determined to find both. I have drooled over the photos of past craft weekends and always coveted a quilt of my own–they are hard to come by in California.


These sweet ladies drove a hard bargain.
I ended up getting two quilts, a vintage baby cowboy hat for Sawyer and some mason jars.




I’m kicking myself for not picking up a jar of these buttons.



Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives.


After Bearly Makin-It, we headed over to the the most massive barn I have ever seen.  By this point, it was torture knowing that I couldn’t fill up a truck with all my finds and drive them home. There were piles of old windows, doors, furniture, old church pews, hardware and chippy-paint barn wood slats.






 A ladybug landed on me while shopping–I took that as a good sign.



 It’s an understatement to say Kristi was in heaven when she discovered the pile of barn wood.




The loot all loaded up in the van (down by the river -chris farley).
We got back to the house and unloaded all our treasures.






And like the bloggers that many of us were, we took pictures.



Here are two of my suitcase finds and that’s Kristi in her cute boots. It appears I took a million pictures of her this weekend.
Purse on top of suitcases c/o: Better Life Bags

And that’s a wrap on one of the most enjoyable weekends I have ever had.

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  1. Looks lik an amazing time and an opportunity of a lifetime!

  2. Oh my goodness….I am so jealous! It looks like y’all had a blast and found some great treasures!

  3. THat suitcase on the bottom is one exactly like my daddy has. Love the glass insulators in the wagon. My daddy collected those, too!

  4. OH MY ~ you captured that day beautifully! i wish we could do it all over again this weekend….I feel like I missed at least a million treasures. maybe a million and one.
    miss you! xoxo

  5. Oh the pile of tricycles and wagons are amazing! It looked like you had a geat time.

  6. How fun, I love mason jars 🙂 love all those pics!

  7. Kimberlee Jost says:

    That is seriously the best picture of Judy and Mary (the store ladies!) that I have ever seen!
    So glad you could come rest, relax, and let me feed you.

  8. Oh I would have been in heaven there! Lucky you! Looks like you had such an amazing time- I’m wishing there was something like this going on in Ontario.

  9. I would have been having to rent a U-Haul home…

  10. What a great weekend! The suitcases are awesome.

  11. That would be the place to travel with an empty U-Haul!!! I would come home with the thing full!!!

  12. This looks like it was sooo much fun! And I love that you mentioned Cris Farley in this post! 😉

  13. Oh what fun. I would have loved being there. Thanks for sharing;

  14. How fun! Post pics of the quilts you bought!

  15. I’m in love. Please tell me where this barn is. I want to go there. This. Weekend.! I’m in Overland Park and hoping I’m close.

  16. Love the tricycle picture!
    I totally am on the list!

  17. Julie Carver says:

    Those poor cows…breaks my heart to see them chained up like that. 🙁

  18. So weird…you were right down the road from the little town I went to college in. And my best friend lives in Newton! I’ll have to get to one of these weekends one day. 🙂

  19. Wow what fun!! I would LOVE to go to that barn!! So what quits did you get??/

  20. This post is heavenly. I can’t get over all those amazing finds! I really need to see what quilts you bought, though 🙂

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