Easy Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing Recipe

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Easy Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing Recipe

3/4 cup vegetable or canola oil
4 1/2 tbl. rice vinegar
4 1/2 tbl. sugar
2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
Combine and mix well (shake).
Will stay good in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

So here’s the scoop on this dressing. This Chinese Chicken Salad is a staple at every single family gathering we have. My aunt always grabs a container  from a small restaurant by her house before heading over. This weekend the shop was closed and she had no other option but to sit down and figure out the recipe once and for all. And folks, she nailed it.

We always use fresh iceberg lettuce, lightly salt and peppered chicken (really easy if you buy one of those already cooked rotisserie chickens), diced green onion and yummy wontons.  Toss with the dressing and then enjoy one of the best salads ever.





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  1. Thank you! I’ve been looking for a recipe for this dressing! My kids love Chinese chicken salad. Will be trying it out soon!

  2. oh I LOVE asian chicken salads, but the dressings can be killer, this one looks healthy and simple enough I would not be intimidated to try it! YUM

  3. This salad look so delicious, I was just looking for a different recipe to do tonight, I think I just found it!

  4. Becky s says:

    Yum! That sounds delicious. I definitely will be making this soon!

  5. I totally LOVE Chinese Chicken salad. So, I decided to learn how to make it
    myself. I tweaked this recipe jus a lil by adding mandarins, chopped green onions, and finely chopped cabage. But I must say: The dressing was spot on!! Very simple and tasty. Loved it!

  6. I love salads… especially at this time of year! I just threw this together yesterday with my lunch and it was great. It’ll be a repeater, for sure. Thank you!

  7. I am 100% trying this salad!!! Looks good, and simple, high five!!

  8. What a fabulous recipe! I adore Chinese Chicken Salad and this sounds simple to make. I will have to make it for my next potluck function. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can’t wait to try this dressing – and I make mine the way Leslie does, with cabbage and mandarin oranges and add wonton crisps to it – YUM!

  10. Oh – and toasted, slivered almonds too.

  11. This dish also makes a wonderful addition to any potluck as it is served at room temperature and
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  12. Gayle Shepherd says:

    I need the recipe that was PENTREST FOR YOUR BEST BURGER RECIPE EVER WITH SECRET SAUCE? Itried to find it agin but, lost it. thanks if you can help me.

  13. Thanks regarding supplying such substantial

  14. This is a recipe I used years ago, and had lost it. I stumbled upon this one, and decided that it was as close to the one I had been using, so I made it yesterday. It was fabulous!! I did make some slight changes to it: To the salad, I added a head of bok choy, and a handful of slivered almonds. To the dressing, I used ‘stevia in the raw’ instead of sugar, and split the vinegars between apple cider vinegar and rice wine vinegar. I also fried up some wonton skins and crunched them up as opposed to the store bought strips.
    The salad was gone in 30 minutes! It was a huge hit.

  15. So easy and fast for a lazy night 😀 Thank you for sharing the recipe!! Gonna try it right today!
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