9 Months





Sawyers ruffle blankie c/o: Tulip Taffy.
Quite possibly the softest, most cuddly and elegant blanket we own.
Sawyer loves it–and so does his Momma.


Sawyer turned 9 months old last week. And I can hardly believe it.
He’s at that age now where every day it feels like there is another milestone;
something new that he is adding to his repertoire of uber cute and awesome.

Sometimes it feels like its happening so fast,
and I find myself in a whirlwind of making lunches, 
wiping noses, and quieting tantrums
while still trying my best to find the silver lining in the little moments when things are still and quiet.

But things are rarely quiet and never still around here.
Because in those rare moments when life does settle down,
and both kiddos are occupied or asleep…
in those moments I always rush to busy myself.

Because being still makes me anxious.
About my “list”.
About those obligations.
About not having enough time.

But dang it, it’s important to be still.
It’s a skill to be practiced.
An artform to be mastered.
And right now, I’m a novice.
Any tips or tricks?


Daily quotes:
Stand in your own space and know you are there. –Mary Engelbreit
Stop the glorification of busy. (paraphrased from a favorite talk of mine)

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  1. Such an adorable little man! Who takes all of the beautiful pics of you with your kids? I’m finding that, as the designated photographer of the family, I’m in very few pics – nevermind a precious candid!

  2. 9 months is such a fun age, but then again I said that about every age 🙂 I find it very hard to slow down during nap time, and am an avid list writer. After having baby #2 I found it helps me to set one or two daily goals rather than my long lists. It’s easier to just tackle one chore or task and actually feel like I accomplished something rather than looking at my never ending weekly list. By the end of the week, it’s usually all taken care of. Love your blog, very inspiring.

  3. Such a cute little man!!! I heard this song this morning that reminded of your sweet post. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=eQ6Bombtx60&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeQ6Bombtx60
    I think one of the best ways to stand still is just to devote some time every day with no lists, no plans, and just doing something for you. It’s not easy, but so necessary!

  4. Too cute! Happy 9 months Sawyer!

  5. He is SO adorable, and growing up fast! I understand what you mean, I’m constantly thinking about my to-do list or what I “should” be doing, rather than letting myself relax. It’s something I need to work on. Some days I’ll just decide that I need an hour alone with a book and my favourite snack, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. If that hour turns into two, that’s ok. We need time for ourselves without the guilt!

  6. I know this is off topic, but could you show off more of your home in a post? I love the little bit in the background of some pictures, but I would really love to see more!

  7. New to your blog. You are cute as a button and so is your little guy.


  8. Brittney says:

    I am probably wrong but it seems like this is the phase of life where being still is usually being asleep. Later on we will be “still” and reflect on how wonderful these times were and how cute babies are. I just cherish the moments like this when I am reading a blog, or a book. Or catching up with my husband after the kids are asleep. Or having dinner with girlfriends. The moments are short, but sweet and I try not to make them on my “to do” list. (but they’re ususally on there) xoxo

  9. Beautiful photos. He’s got such a gorgeous smile.
    No tips I’m afraid, but if you find the answer, please tell me how. It’s funny how I seem to always have something to do. I wonder how I ever had time to have a job before I had children. x

  10. Thank you! Same here! I don’t have any tips but please blog about some when you find them 🙂
    Love your little family!

  11. 9 months is fun! such cute pics!

  12. Such a cutie! And 9 months already!?! Fun!!!

  13. You’re little guy is adorable! We are just hitting the 7 month mark with our first! They are so fun! Where did you find your family sign on your mantle? I love it!

  14. I watch a tv show that only I would want to watch and clean in the commercials.. You get a lot more done because you are under a tight time frame 🙂

  15. So true. Being still and observing the world around you is a learned art

  16. Okay so I know the focus of this is supposed to be on sweet Sawyer – and he’s ubber cute – BUT where did you get your “family” plank on the fireplace?! I’m in desperate need of a mantle makeover & I LOVE that!
    Thanks hun!

  17. Heather says:

    I was just wondering if you would share where you bought the barn wood US map with the little red heart? I would love to see more pics of your house, too. Your style is very colorful and eclectic.

  18. He is adorable! Happy 9 months!

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