Sawyer’s First Words: a video

I spent my weekend watching this clip again…and again…and again.
36 seconds of pure joy to a Momma heart.

Despite my attempts to assure him that he looks adorable, Ben would like me to preface that this was filmed early in the morning prior to any grooming or hair brushing.

And in case you wanted to see some of our other quick video, try here, here, here  and here.

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  1. this video kills me!! so cute!!! first words are the best!! i love how proud Ben looks!

  2. Ok. That was adorable. Such a proud moment for you and daddy!

  3. I love when they say there first word. I love how proud your husband is, so sweet

  4. They have the same hair!!! Adorable!! What a cute lil baby voice he has!!!!

  5. Brittney says:

    I love this

  6. So much happy! What a perfect moment 🙂

  7. Couldn’t be cuter! All 3 of my kids said “Da-da” first. 😉

  8. Love this! You can see the pure joy on your hubby’s face! 🙂

  9. So totally precious!!! and amazing you have it captured on video 🙂 what a treasure!

  10. How absolutely adoring are these two together!?!

  11. This is so adorable! I love how happy and proud your husband is. Little milestones are the best part of being a parent.

  12. isn’t it amazing how frequently this happens. Momma does so very many things and spends the major part of the time with the baby and the first words are DaDa. It is maybe the reward for Daddy’s who are unable to be with baby that much being in the breadwinner position. An aunt told me it is baby’s hook to keep Daddy engaged and easing those tired spells that help him get up in the am’s.

  13. Ben’s sheer happiness is what makes this video!

  14. Precious! I love that nowadays we can capture moments like these to have forever!

  15. This is just too precious. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Well that just completely melted my heart.

  17. He is right up there with my kids as being one of the cutest ever!!

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