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Now, I’m a fan of my chain stores too (ode to Target)–but as I’ve mentioned before, nothing makes me more giddy then spending an afternoon at my local Antique Mart. What I enjoy even more, is introducing my favorite friends to this glorious place.  I took Nina in celebration of our birthdays last weekend and she loved it as much as I knew she would.


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photo copy 10


The vintage hat I’m wishing I bought.



I spent my weekend home with kiddos who are still sick. What did you do?

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  1. 1. I need those salt and pepper shakers
    2. I was going to buy that shirt Nina is wearing in Old Navy and then I didn’t. I’m going today to buy it. My stylish self thanks you, Nina! My wallet does not 🙂


  2. Hey Ashley!
    I live in Simi Valley. Where is this place? Near here?? 🙂

  3. Love everything!!! And I have that same theory, but about restaurants. No chains!!

  4. I love that typewriter! I spent my weekend running, running, running. It seems I go back to work to take a rest.

  5. what a fun vintage shop! looks like you ran into some adorable finds. 🙂 and hey, you are shopping with Nina so of course you guys had a blast! 😉 miss you two ladies!

  6. This is a fantastic antique shop! I so wish I could have a day or a few days to explore some of the great ones in our area. Trouble is, the littles aren’t really into antiquing …. but someday or on a lazy afternoon, I’ll get there! You, my friend – are adorable as always! Jess

  7. That shop looks amazing! I need to find something like that in San Diego

  8. Target is my version of J.Crew or Anthro…I consider it “splurging,” and I only leave the clearance section on special occasions like my birthday. Other than that, Goodwill and other thrift treasures for me! So much better to a) be unique, and b) be able to afford MORE clothing for LESS. cha-ching!

  9. Lindsay Roberts says:

    I need to take a trip with you! Let’s plan a breakfast/antiquing date

  10. Wandering around antique stores (and Goodwill) are my favorite way to spend a day! It’s like treasure hunting. It looks like you snapped some pictures of great stuff.

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