Quick Ways to Dress Up Your Top Knot

So thrilled to be a style contributor here on Little Miss Momma. I think so highly of Ashley so I am honored to be on her team! My name is Anna, and I am a design and lifestyle blogger over at IHOD. We have some fun things to share in the coming months:)
I know with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I get lost in planning meals and outfits for my family and little ones. I rarely if ever have more than 15 minutes to do my hair. For real! So these are quick and easy ways you can dress up your top knot this Holiday Season. 
These are easy accessories you can make yourself or take as ideas and inspiration:)
Remember scrunchies? I went through a phase of sewing my own in every color under the sun. Oh what a comical for-shadowing of my DIY future that would be. This rhinestone wrap is basic rhinestone bridal trim attached to a piece of stretch elastic. You can purchase rhinestone trim here (These would make great gifts too!) or buy at a local craft store. The elastic trim is great to have on hand for headbands as well, and I always get mine from this etsy shop. Pre-measure your rhinestone trim to wrap 3/4 of the way around your top knot. Just hot glue a couple inches of your elastic piece to either end of your rhinestone trim and let dry.


Rhinestone bobbies.
I would scout out some real sparkly gemstones or rhinestones for this one. So many possibilities. Use E-6000 or super glue to attach to flat pad bobby pins. (Found mine here.) These are fun to layer under your top bun.
You can purchase stretchy gold sequin elastic trim from Hobby Lobby. While your there, pick up some alligator clips. Hot glue the trim (pre-measure) along the back of the clips.
Stick a few underneath your top bun for a little glam and holiday fun.
Pretty simple, right? Hope you enjoy! Be sure and show us your fancy top knots!
For more fun fashion tips, check out the IHOD look book.
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  1. Man, this makes me wish that my hair was long enough for a top knot.

  2. Love this!! It makes me so sad I cut my hair. Operation grow it back starting now!

  3. Love these looks! They would be great for those days when your have to hide your hair in a bun because you haven’t had time to wash it…


  4. Too cute!

  5. I am always rocking the top knot! absolutely LOVE.


  6. Cute ideas! I love the sequins clip. Still haven’t beento Hobby Lobby!

  7. This is super cute and easy!

  8. Great blog. Filled with many ideas.



  9. The sequin clips looks so cute! Thank you for sharing!! What a cute ways to dress up top knot. But it’s pretty hard for me to find these hair accessories.
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