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It’s baby announcement time, and my new-momma brain can’t make a decision. I am loving ALL of these designs from Heather’s shop, River & Bridge–but which is the BEST? Tell me your favorite in the comments pretty please!  And at the end of the post enter to win $25 to Heather’s shop.







WIN $25 to River & Bridge
Here’s how:
Leave a separate comment for each item you complete.
You do not need to complete every item to enter the giveaway.
But the more you do, the better your chances!

1. Leave a comment with your favorite design for Sawyer’s announcement.
2. Subscribe to Little Miss Momma (see subscribe button on right sidebar).
3. Leave a comment on Heather’s blog.
4. Like Heather on Facebook.
5. Visit Heather’s shop, River & Bridge and leave a comment here with your favorite design.

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  1. Jackie Campbell says:

    OptIon 3. Looks the most boyish out of all of them. In my humble opinion.

  2. Option two or four. You boys are gorgeous! Congratulations to you all!

  3. #2! Love the chevron.

  4. #2 is my favorite! These are beautiful, by the way. You make cute boys! :)

  5. Love option #2!

  6. Option #2!! SO cute. :)

  7. number 2!!!

  8. Option #3 is my favorite. They are all darling. :o)

  9. Aren’t 1 & 4 the same? I like them. I like the border around the whole pic and the words/font are easiest to read and it’s the “cleanest” (in my opinion). Cute kiddos!

  10. Tiffany Mahe says:

    Love love love option 2 but my second fave is 3!!!! Let us know which one you pic!

  11. #2

  12. I love one and four, they look almost exactly the same! Were you testing us?? Lol I know I’m crazy not to pick the chevron, but I guess I’m going against the grain this time:)

    • I am obsessed with chevron, too, hahah… and I like it in #2 but I think Sawyer’s stats are hard to read compared to other options.

  13. I liked Heather’s facebook page

  14. I love 1 and 4.. are they the same? I love 2 as well because of the chevron, but something about it looks more like a Christmas card! All adorable though, can’t go wrong!

  15. Lindsay Lee says:

    #2 :)

  16. #2 is awesome!!

  17. I liked heather I FB :)

  18. The most balanced and flattering design is definitely #4.

  19. 2 or 4.

    Tough decision, they are all cute!!!

  20. 1 and 4 (the same) for sure!

  21. I liked Heather on Facebook.

  22. I subscribe to LMM

  23. #3 is my absolute fave!

  24. Robin Winkler says:

    I love #2! ❤

  25. I vote option 2!

  26. #1

  27. Love option 3

  28. they’re all so cute but i like #2 the best!

  29. i subscribe to lmm!

  30. I love #2!!

  31. Kami Shaw says:

    I love #2

  32. #2!!!! YES, YES, YES! So darn cute!!!!!

  33. I really like the look of #4

  34. 1 or 4

  35. My favorite is #2. And your boys are adorable!!!

  36. #5 is easiest to read!
    #2 is too trendy I think, be different!

  37. ohhhh, now #4 is different from #1, ahhaha :) My vote is for 4! Love, love #4! :)

  38. Brooke Magee says:

    Option #3. Love that one! =)

  39. #1 and #3 are my favorites. Your boys are adorable!!

  40. No. 2 for sure. Simple. And the pic is adorable so any of them are precious!

  41. Rochelle says:

    Number 3. Then number 2.

  42. I like 2 & 3 the best! I just can’t decide!!

  43. Definitely no. 1, love the font, love the border, love the wording and the way she placed his information on the bottom! To me, that one seems like the picture is more the focal point than the design, and in the end that’s what everyone wants to see and have as a keepsake!

    Love your blog, you’re so cute and you’re little family is precious!!!

  44. alicia jane says:

    Option 2!! Def the chevron xxx

  45. Susan Small says:

    option 3 is my favorite, however they are all lovely. What a brilliant photo of the two boys.

  46. Option 2 is my favorite.

  47. Number 2 or 4! Those are adorable!

  48. I really like 1 or 3

  49. Option 2!! Love the border and the circle really brings focus to the baby’s name and “stats” if you will (Also my favorite baby name ever!) Its just the one my eye is most drawn too but they’re all darling…Heather’s great!

  50. I like Option #1 the most :)

  51. I LOVE them all….goodness you make cute baby boys :) I would say it’s a toss up between 2 & 3. Congrats again on another healthy baby boy!!

  52. I love all of her designs but Id say that the ice cream parlor one or the the pink telephone booth are my two top picks (I can never just pick one favorite! lol)

  53. I looked at her shop and the Option #1 is the design I would pick for my Baby’s announcements if she ships to the UK! I love it, as for a favourite… too many to choose from!

  54. Andrea Thompson says:

    Too Cute!!!! I pick Option 5. Congrats to the new Momma &Family.

  55. #3 is so cute!

  56. Definitely LOVE option number 3! The picture (which is absolutely adorable) stands out the best in this option and the name of your sweet, newest addition along with the birth details also stand out and make it much easier to focus on them.

  57. OPTION 2! :)

  58. #3.

  59. Your boys are adorable!!! I’m going with option 2!

  60. Your boys are lovely :)

    I like option #4 best

    Good luck with making you decision

    Claire x

  61. I have subscribed :)

    Claire x

  62. My favourite item in heathers shop is the London calling, birthday invitations in pink


  63. I added heathers shop to my favourites

    Claire x

  64. I love the 2nd one! It just pops out at me more than the others.

  65. Option #4- but really they are all adorable!

  66. I think I would have to say two. But they are all so cute, so you can’t make a bad decision ;)

  67. I really love the 3rd birth announcement in Heather’s shop.

  68. And I’m already a loyal follower!! :)

  69. I like option 3. I think it’s the easiest to read and it puts the focus on your boys instead of the design (which is still adorable, just more understated)

  70. I like option number 2 OR 3 the best :)

  71. I am already subscribed to LMM

  72. I love number 3 and number 5. I agree that the stats are harder to read on number 2 and I like that 3 and 5 don’t have the full border, just the top and bottom ;) love the colors on all of them though! So sweet.

  73. #1 and #3 are my favorites! Too cute!

  74. #3 is my fav!

  75. 1 & 3!

  76. I like option 4

  77. follower of this blog!

  78. LMM has been on my google reader FOREVER but I just officially subscribed! ; )

  79. option #2

  80. Went to Heather’s blog.. too too cute!

  81. Liked Heather on FB!

  82. Went to Heather’s shop… LOVE the personalized chevron stripped notecards! Anything personalized is good by me!

  83. They are all adorable! But I like #3 the best!

  84. I pick 2! :)

  85. I like #2 with the chevron!! SO CUTE!

  86. My vote is tied between 3 and 4 – SO CUTE!

  87. Option #2 for sure!!

  88. I’ve been following LMM forever!

  89. Following Heather’s blog, too fun!!

  90. I follow via bloglovin

  91. 2 or 3 lol helpful ik!

  92. Option 2

  93. I love the first one. Congrats!!

  94. #2!! Love Chevron

  95. I like #2 the best!

  96. My favorite is option 4 because the announcement and the picture are separate and easier on the eye. The announcement doesn’t take away from their beautiful faces.

  97. I already subscribe to LMM in my Google Reader. :)

  98. Heather has lots of great designs, but I am especially drawn to the personalized striped/chevron notecards. So fun!

  99. Jessica Anderson says:

    2 for sure!!!

  100. my vote is for #3 – the focus is on the boys with the added bonus of the announcement on the side.
    I like how the words don’t take away from their precious faces ;)

  101. I like #2 best!

  102. i subscribe to your bloggity :)

  103. i’m a big fan of her chevron notecards :) super cute!

  104. i left her a little message on her bloggity :)

  105. I like #3! I think the others are a bit busy looking, but #3 has a nice balance between the text and the photo. Whichever one you choose will be great, though.

  106. Jesse Crowell says:

    I love #2, the chevron is divine!

  107. Option 3!!

  108. #3

  109. Option #2 gotta love the chevron print!! and the bubble with the info is adorbs!

  110. Ashley – #3 is my favorite (and #2 is a close second!) Your boys are GORGEOUS!
    Congrats again friend! xx Michelle

  111. Danyiel J says:

    Wow, really great options! I like number 4 the first thing you see are the boys unlike a few of the others that draw the eye to some other part of the announcement. However, I don’t think you can go wrong;)

  112. shelley lamar says:

    Option 2 is my fav! I love the chevron but I love the orange circle with his information more! Congrats on a beautiful healthy baby boy, your little family is so sweet!

  113. Michelle says:

    Option 1!!! Definitely my favorite:)

  114. Heather L says:

    #2 is my favorite!

  115. #2! But number 4 is pretty great too!! :) Oh yay how fun to help you choose :)

  116. Meredith says:

    #1 is Adorable!!!!

  117. My vote is #1…it adds to the picture, but hte picture is still the focal point. I think that the other designs take away from the picture, either by their business or design. Thanks for the chance to win…..and what a lovely family!

  118. #3 is my favorite. It’s timeless and the focus goes toward the boys. The others seem too trendy and busy… for me. They are all darling though.

  119. Love Heather’s bridal shower invitations. Those bra and panties are so cute!

  120. I’ve subscribed to your blog.

  121. I’ve also liked Heather on FB!

  122. #2 definitely! Love the chevron, and the colors go well with the photo, with just a little bit of teal. My favorite!

  123. #2 is super cute! i would just make the red—blue instead :)

  124. Option #3! Love all of them but #3 is my favorite. Congrats to you and Ben!

  125. I can’t choose between 2 & 3.. They’re all so sweet though!! Congrats!

    And thanks for the giveaway! I’ll be needing announcements in 4 months!

  126. I follow you through Google Reader.

  127. LOVE #2. I think W’s quilt turned out adorable from the little bit I could see in these pictures! Love you guys:)

  128. I like option 1 the best!!!! It completely drew me into sawyer and Wesley’s eyes :)

  129. #3, it’s easy to read and super cute!

  130. Jennifer says:

    I really like 3 and 4, but if I had to choose one I would say 3.

  131. Fernanda says:

    Oh my! they are all really cute…but I have to say that my favorite is option number 2…I kinda LOVE chevron so I just love it!

    PS: your kiddos are just adorable…baby W is getting so big and all grown up!

  132. Mackenzie says:

    Option #2!


  133. Option 2, definitely. i like the way the text is separated best on that one.

  134. I love #2 & #3!!

  135. #5 :) It matches his room!

  136. #2! I love the chevron!

  137. Machelle says:

    Totally #3

  138. I like four the best. Its easiest to read, and it takes up the blank wall space int he picture.

  139. I vote for #4. The pic is GORGEOUS, ash!

  140. renee rasmussen says:

    3 is my fav because the focus is on your boys. but 5 is pretty and is trendy

  141. renee rasmussen says:

    I follow you :)

  142. renee rasmussen says:

    I commented on river & bridge blog

  143. Option 1

  144. renee rasmussen says:

    My fav item in her shop is the cake and macaroon note cards!

  145. I follow you

  146. Option 3, because it looks the least cluttered to me. :)

  147. I vote for option #2! You have such a cute family!

  148. I like option 3!

  149. I also follow your blog! :)

  150. I think I’ve scrolled up & down about 7617641 times now…and my eye keeps being drawn to #2 – love that grey chevron border and the simplicity of the name/birth info ;-) But the orange in #4 is very eye catching as well.

    Good luck, tough choice!!! haha

  151. I love #2!

  152. Option 2. Adorable!

  153. Option 3!

  154. I think I like #2 best, but #3 is a very close second choice!

  155. Option number ONE!

  156. Def #3. It’s the least busy and super cute. Focus is on the cute boys, not the cute borders.

  157. #2 – seems like you :)

  158. Amanda M says:

    I love #4! Congrats Ashley!

  159. Aunt Debbie says:

    I say #4 or #2. But all of them are adorable.
    Can’t wait to get mine in a frame for my office.
    Love you.

  160. I love them all! Such cute designs. But I’m going to have to go with #4 for sure!

  161. I like #3 the best!

  162. I subscribe to LMM

  163. I like option #1

  164. I love her personalized striped/chevron notecards!

  165. I follow you

  166. #3. They are all so cute! Good luck choosing :)

  167. Option #3 or #4 definitely. I like #4 only because it gives birthing details in larger print. I am a sucker for chevron, so I would probably get #3!!!!!!

    Good luck,

  168. OPTION #1
    Chevron is overdone…IMO ;)

  169. I like #1 and #3, but #3 the best because I couldn’t figure out ‘Blakey’ on the 1st one till I went farther in the pictures. I think #1 has the best colors, it just feels cozy.

  170. Tamara M. says:

    I am going to choose #1 but it was not easy! #2 is a close second

  171. Tamara M. says:

    I am a subscriber to Little Miss Momma

  172. Tamara M. says:

    I left a comment on Heather’s blog under her post about this giveway :)

  173. Tamara M. says:

    I liked Heather on Facebook.
    (tamara meade)

  174. Tamara M. says:

    I visited Heather’s shop and like the “star wars // birthday invitation and thank you card” which is the theme my soon to be 5 year old wants for his party!

  175. I love Option #2 and #5 is my second choice. Your boys are dolls!

  176. Option 3

  177. Option 3! The text does not take away from the photo :)

  178. They are all good! BUT i love #3! Nice, cute and simple design :) I also like #2 but seems like there’s too much going on. #3 has more of a focus on the kids and no soo much on the design :)

  179. I love #2!!!! And both of your boys are adorable!

  180. numbers 2 and 3 are my fav! they are super fun :)

  181. I like #1 the best

  182. Cute! I like #2 the best!

  183. I follow you!

  184. laura armington says:

    Option 3!! Puts most of the focus on the boys!

  185. Option 4 is my fav! But they all look really great. Lovely designs.

  186. I love option #1

  187. I adore them all but number three stuck out three most to me…. Pick 3 pick 3!!! Lol

  188. LOVE no. 2!

  189. Number 3. The typography and background go with the colors in the picture, and the layout is balanced so that the picture and the text look they’re meant to be together, instead of one or the other looking like an afterthought.

  190. I like option #2

  191. evelania says:

    My vote is for #3–it’s super cute without over-doing it and the stats are easy to read. I do have to say, even though it is a beautiful picture, that Wesley is stealing the show. My eyes go to him first and then to baby Sawyer. Such cute boys! Congratulations!

  192. Goldengirls59 says:

    I like # 3 because it’s easy to read and the writing doesn’t take away from the picture! But they are all so cute!

  193. Without a doubt, Option #2. See how w/ number 2 your eye doesn’t have to work as hard? Doesn’t have to move around all over the place, trying to absorb what the image/info is about?

    You want an image that one can immediately see the pic, then easily see the info. With the other options, the eye is flying all over the place bc the images are too ‘busy’…and the info is presented in too many places.

  194. LOVE option number 2!!!! Your boys are absolute cuties!!!

  195. Option 2! Congrats.

  196. Option #2!

    Any day now my little man will be here too! Congrats!

  197. Option #3. Congrats!! Your family is adorable!

  198. #3!!!

  199. #2. I just flat out liked it the best, and it was the one that I could most easily and accurately read BLAKEY as the middle name, rather than see BLAKERY and BLAKELY…. Just my two cents, but they are all super cute!

  200. # 3 or # 4 are my favorites….balanced, easy to read..but with those cute faces you can’t go wrong with any!

  201. Option #2…can’t go wrong with chevron!

  202. kathy h. says:

    1 and 4 are my favorites because they show all of Wesley and they are easier to read. If I had to pick between the two, I’d pick 4, because Sawyer’s full name is easy to read, BUT if I could, I would take away the top orange ribbon that says, “with joy we announce the arrival of”. I like those words, but I don’t like anything covering Wesley’s head.

  203. option 2… but that was hard. They are all so cute!

  204. Kelly Guild says:

    I like #3.

  205. did you have a professional photographer come already?

  206. They are all super cute! My favorite is design #2!:)

  207. Whitney s. says:

    I like no. 3 I think that it is the easiest to read and seems to have a little less going on visually, which I like because it makes you just look at the picture.

  208. Love option #2

  209. #2 is my favorite, very cute!

  210. #2
    In option 3, you see a ring on a finger
    in all the other options except 2 — It looks like someone is slumping on the side in white

  211. #2!

  212. Option #3 for sure! It frames the two boys best :)

  213. I like option #3–clean & simple!

  214. I loved #4! So cute!

  215. Stephanie B says:

    Option 3… easy to read. Option 1, definately not, Blakely look like Blakie to me, just hard to decipher.

  216. Gorgeous little ones!!!
    Option 1 is ultimately the best. The focus is entirely on the boys. There are minimal colors and side bars that draw the viewers attention away from the boys, which are the main focus of the picture. Tired of seeing chevron on everything, my opinion of course. When I looked at all the announcements #1 i instantly my focus went to he boys, where whenI looked at the others I noticed the banners and circles or side bars.

  217. Definitely #2!!

  218. #4…I’m not feeling the “introducing”

  219. Katelyn B. says:

    I love option #2!

  220. Leslie Wilkie says:

    Option #5.

  221. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #3 – it has all the information family and friends want to know, it’s easy to read, and the photo is just beautiful!

  222. Congrats on the new Bebe! My second (also a boy) is due mid Sept. I like option #3!

  223. 2 and 3 are my favorites! (The smaller font on 2 is a little hard to read) But still very nice!

  224. First off – your boys are adorable!!!

    I love them all, but the first one is my favorite. Good luck choosing. :)

  225. #1 :) love all the designs, but I feel like #1 accentuate their features and makes it more about “them”…. You know what I’m sayin?;) congrats! Love your blog and boys!

  226. alicia b says:

    Number 1! :)

  227. I love option # 3!!!!

  228. OPTION NO. 3 it makes it more about Sawyer since it is the announcement of him. He looks like he is a really kick back sort of baby already.

  229. Option 3 for me – although tough call – they’re all so cute!

  230. option #3-caught my eye right away!

  231. Liked her page on FB

  232. I vote option 2!
    You have such cute boys!!

  233. I don’t even have momma brain and I had a tough time. They are all so cute. I think #3 is my favorite!

  234. I already susbscribe to LMM :)

  235. I left a comment on Heather’s blog. Everything is adorable!

  236. I like River & Bridge on Facebook

  237. My favorite item in Heather’s shop is the Ice Cream Shop invites.

  238. option 2!!!

  239. subscribed to LMM

  240. i like heather’s chevron personalized notecards!!!!

  241. i left a comment on heather’s blog

  242. i liked heather on fb

  243. #2… and #1….I’m the most indecisive person ever when it comes to these things! I like them both! Beautiful picture of your boys by the way!
    They’re so freakin adorable!

  244. My favorite is definitely Option #2!

  245. For sure option #1, but they are all super cute!

  246. PS – already subscribe to your blog. :)

  247. I’m loving # 2!

  248. They are all adorable, but I like option 3 the best:)

  249. Two or Four are both adorable and def. my fav. What can I say…I like even numbers!!

  250. option two. but they are all gorgeous. you can’t go wrong. such cuties.

  251. Option 2!!! Looks like your style to me. Love the Chevron!!

  252. Option 3 is my favorite.

  253. Option #2 and #5 are my favorites! Congratulations!

  254. #2 is my fav!!

  255. Laura Mason says:

    Option 2 is my fav and 3 is my second :)

  256. Love #4 :)

  257. They all are sweet…but my favs are #2 and #3… Blessings!

  258. Loving the chervon in #2

  259. Option number four is my fave!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  260. Option #1… it’s more clean and simple. #1…#1….#1…!!!!!

  261. Brittany G says:

    # 2 !

  262. Option #2. Cute cute cute.

  263. I’m not 100% satisfied somehow. I love the bottom of image #5 but I’m not a fan of the flag thingy on the top. I think it would be just perfect without those. I also like #2 as a runnerup choice.

  264. Option #2! You gotta go with the chevron!

  265. I like them all, but option 3 is my fav. Those babies are too cute to have ANYTHING in conflicting with their photo. :) I’m also a follower.

  266. I like 1 and 3, because there’s nothing distracting from their cute faces!

  267. Erin Huss says:

    I didn’t do any of the steps but I just wanted to say that you make some cute boys :) I couldn’t hold Sawyer on Thursday because I was afraid it would give me baby fever! Seriously.

  268. Option 1!

  269. I like #4. As for what I like in Heather’s shop, the vintage damask birth announcements are precious.

  270. I like 4 best!

  271. I subscribe to your blog, this would be perfect since I am due in 8 weeks with baby #2

  272. I like option 2. Cute but not distracting.

  273. I’m thinking #1 is my favorite, but two is also cute. Have Fun choosing.

  274. #1 is my fave!!!

  275. i love them all….#3 is my favourite though

  276. I like #4! Beautiful boys!

  277. I left a commet on H’s blog!

  278. I am a subscriber!

  279. #2 is my favorite, but they’re all cute. #5 kinda looks like your style I think :)

  280. #2 & #3 are my faves :)

  281. #2 also is it Blakery or Blakley? Found a typeo

  282. #1 is my fave!

  283. the french macaron cards from heathers site are adorable!!

  284. I love Option 3. I think it seems fitting to just give a little more info on the newest member of the family! All are very cute tho.

  285. Option 1!

  286. First place goes to opt. #4!
    Runner up goes to opt. #1 :D

  287. I like option #4!

  288. I like Heather on facebook!

  289. I am dying over the houndstooth announcement! Oh my gosh, it’s perfect for my little one on the way!

  290. Option #2

  291. Hi Ashley!
    You have two really handsome boys!
    I think my favorite one is OPTION #3
    Hugs from Spain

  292. Option 3! I just love the Chevron. Your boys are stunning!

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