hand holder. dream soother. love giver.

hand holder. dream soother. love giver.

That pretty much sums up motherhood–and brings a sentimental, pregnancy induced tear to my eye.
Which is why I haven’t taken off the Lisa Leonard “New Mama” necklace since I ripped open the package last week.

New Mama Necklace

I am without a doubt a humongous Lisa Leonard Designs fan–with a glorious collection that boasts over a dozen pieces of hand-crafted goodness. Last Fall, I even had the pleasure of visiting Lisa Leonard and her team in San Luis Obispo for a little mini photo shoot with Ben. Good times.

What’s on your Lisa Leonard wish list this Mother’s Day?

Deadline to order in time for Mother’s Day is May 7th.
And don’t forget, if you sign up for her newsletter, you get 15% off your total order.

Shop HERE.

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  1. I love that necklace! I have 3 of her pieces all personalized and lovely. I love to wear them & feel like I always have a piece of my family with me.

    Ps- I am SO glad that you are back in the blogging world! Your blog has long been one of my favorites ever :)!

  2. Such a cute necklace! She does great work!

  3. That necklace is beautiful and makes me want want want! Love that hand holding picture. You are such a wonderful Momma!! Oh and so beautiful too!

  4. Hmmm… what’s a subtle way of telling my husband I want that “mother” necklace for Mother’s Day? Ha ha, nevermind, subtle doesn’t work with him 🙂

  5. Aw! That is so SWEET! And such a pretty necklace!

  6. Alexandra says:

    So, yes your necklace is adorable. But you’re also just the cutest thing ever. I have to know, what glasses are wearing?! I love them!!

  7. that necklace is so perfect for you! so pretty! and you my dear are gorgeous. p.s. miss you and early morning make-up moments. 😉

  8. Very fun! I love her work.

  9. I absolutely adore her. In fact, if my husband doesn’t get on the ball, I’m envisioning a special Mother’s Day present for myself being ordered??

  10. Love the sentiment and the pictures. Renee

  11. Oh I just adore Lisa’s collection! I love that new necklace you got! It’s so true!!

  12. Oh my goodness I couldn’t decide between that one and the one I ended up getting. I just got one of her pieces and am in LOVE. I got her sterling silver teardrop necklace with the pearl and aquamarine stone. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  13. Im trying to get my husband to buy me one. I have been searching for months to find the right necklace and once I read about these on your site I KNEW it was the perfect one!!

  14. I love this mama necklace. Can you tell me what length chain you have it on ? Is it 16 or 18 inch? And in general do you prefer Lisa Leonard’s sterling ball chains over her basic sterling filled? Just trying to pick out which way to order this necklace. Thanks.


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