Antiquing With the Girls

Brooke trying on a vintage red hat. Abby toting the handmade ‘sparkle’ flag.

It was Saturday at 4:30 p.m.
I was drowning in piles of laundry, tired from doing yet another load of dishes, overwhelmed at my unorganized and unpacked baby nursery, and to be honest–just tired of being on “toddler duty”.  I needed a break.  A head clearing. A moment (or a few hours) to escape my expanding to-do list and just take a deep breath.

We all have that special place.  The one we go to when we want to be worry-free.  The place we go to recharge.  Mine, as strange as it sounds, is the Antique Mart around the corner from my house.  Which is why I have written about it so many times, like here and here.

And on this particular afternoon, I could think of a few gal pals who could probably use an impromptu getaway like me.

Text sent from me to Brooke and Abby: Have you ever been to the Agoura Antique Mart?
Their response: No, we should go sometime.
Me: How about now?
Their response: I’m in.
Me: See you in ten.
Their response: I’m not wearing any make up.
Me: Me neither. 

It seems unlikely these days (with conflicting kid schedules, and baseball games, and school projects, and trips to Target, and family obligations), that an unplanned Saturday Momma activity could ever be thrown together.  But in the rare instances that such adventures do work out, it’s almost like magic.  The outing seems to have no expectations, simply a sense of gratitude for having escaped the mashed up crackers in the carpet and the bathroom that needs to be scrubbed. The moment is appreciated, jokes seem extra funny, junk food tastes better than ever, and yes, even the sun seems a bit brighter.

I came home rejuvenated and and overwhelmed with another one of those “moments“.

The moment, where as you get older, you begin to realize just how grateful you are to be enjoying the company of someone else so much.
And from across the rack of vintage dresses, you just want to grab said person(s) and give them a big bear hug and tell them,
Thanks so much for being here with me. I think you’re great! I needed this like you can’t imagine!
But because you don’t want to freak anyone out, you keep that bear hug and those thoughts to yourself,
and instead, in a brief moment of eye contact and a shared smile, you hope they know what you were trying to say.

Thanks for the perfect afternoon girls.

Where do you go to get away? 

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  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon. I like to go to the hobby lobby craft store and just walk around. I could spend hours in there, but when im done, i walk out a new person. Relaxed. Love doing things like that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mine always includes a glass or 4 of wine.

  3. Hobby lobby. 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    the makeup counter!

  5. My local coffee shop! The scones are delicious and I can sit there for as long as I like! Renee

  6. Omg I just found out that antique mart is only like 30 mins away from me!! Could I puh-lease come with next time??? 🙂
    That would be divine!! Hugs to you friend!

  7. Usually a glass of wine and Pinterest. Or wading through my DVR of all the “good stuff” the hubs won’t watch with me (again, with wine).

  8. Sounds like a perfect afternoon! So glad you got out and enjoyed your time! Antique shops are truly the best!

  9. I LOVE going to the antique and thrift stores here in town. I love finding good deals. Looks like you girls had a great time.

  10. I go to the library. I could spend hours browsing the aisles, finding inspiration. The best thing is, I can take home whatever I want and it’s all free!

  11. I feel like I need to get away the more kids I have. I don’t know why. My mom watched the kids Friday night and I went to a movie by myself and walked around the mall. It was SO nice! Nice to not have kids whining or climbing or grabbing everything in every store.
    I also love just going on bike rides or walks alone. I miss spending time with my friends though – we are all having a hard to coordinating babysitters 🙂

  12. I work right down the street from the Agoura Antique Mart! It’s one of our favorite weekend outings!


  13. Everyone needs a break once in awhile!! 🙂

  14. Were you wearing stripes as well?! That would have been an awesome coinkydink!!

    In Singapore there isn’t much else to do than go to the mall but they are sooo crowded. When I need to get away from everything I like to go to my favorites just when they are opening because there are hardly any people and I can walk freely around and not think about work, school or home for a moment.

  15. I go to the movies. Or to get my nails done. I’ve been needing a lot of breaks lately. My son isn’t even two yet and has thrown me for a loop. :/

  16. I go anywhere with Abby! She is my “easy” and always brings me back to where I need to be. I am SO grateful she has friends like you and Brooke to take care of her and that she is that for you. Next time I come and visit let’s all go together. Antiques, Abby, and 2 of her favorites sound just perfect!

  17. Lori K. says:

    I LOVE the Agoura Antique Mall. I live in Ojai and my mom and I go there often.

  18. Brittney says:

    Wonderful post. I am jealous! xxx What wonderful, fabulous, gals you 3 are.

  19. I don’t know what I envy more – that amazing antique shop, or the fun friends you have to share it with! 🙂 I definitely go thrifting to get away – it’s hard to steal a moment to go to the thrift or antique store without my little one, but when I do I could get lost and just spend hours there! 🙂

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