The day my son started smiling again

You can read about Lil W’s week without a smile here.

Once upon a time we went to the zoo and met a 500 pound,
82 year old tortoise with a mouth strong enough to bite off your arm.
While this tortoise had a face that I will surely be seeing in my nightmares,
Lil W was able to see past his rough and creepy exterior, and became smitten with the giant right away.
But toddlers aren’t allowed to pet appendage removing tortoises,
so Lil W found the next best thing he could cuddle up with.
And he gave that cement turtle the biggest smile and hug he had mustered up all week.

Fun wiff turtle Momma, so fun. -Lil W

What cute thing has your kid said lately?

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  1. cute!

  2. So cute! Kids LOVE the zoo…okay, so do I!
    Our little J-dub said “Mommy, I wish there were putties (bad guys on Power Rangers) because I would beat them up. You and Miss K could go hide and I’d beat ’em up!” Sigh…the warrior’s heart, even in a 4 year old. 🙂

  3. so adorable! I’ve actually been working on my daughter’s 3rd bday letter blog post… in it I’ve captured a ton of ‘cute things’ she’s said over the past few month…I definitely want to remember this stage in her life – SO much fun. Tough moments? Sure…but wouldn’t trade em for anything! One quote I that stands out to me is:

    Me: “toots, what do you want for breakfast this morning?”
    K: “um…I want…20 pieces of love”

    gahhh *melt*

  4. o.m.g that thing is scary! and enormous! So glad it put a smile on your baby boy’s face though 🙂

  5. Courtney says:

    “Not quite yet” is his new phrase! 🙂 He will be three on May 5th.

  6. Oh so sweet!!! At first glance it looked like he was hugging the real turtle and I thought, “that’s not fair our zoo won’t let us do that!” LOL!! 🙂
    My little two year old says the funniest things like, “I want Shout to babysit me from fesh beeeeeeet band” “Guess what? Chicken butt” “God made the mountains, the cars, the moms, the dads, and the lions.” and my recent favorite, “I have a baby in my belly button!”

  7. I am SO glad he is feeling better! Miss that little guy – he is getting so big! luv ya!

  8. How sweet!

  9. Awww…great he is doing better now.

    My daughter is still learning to speak. She hasn’t said anything funny yet. Just Nite Nite, Bye Bye, Mom, Daddy, Ye Ye (Grandpa in Chinese), Siau Koo (Aunt Siau in Chinese), Mai (Our dog Shiumai), Nah nah (her version of No), Yes, apple, na na (Banana), socks, shoes, nose, etc.

  10. No necessary cute…but sure was funny…I was laying out in the front yard and the precious 2 1/2 yr old walked up and said, Momma, your booty is hanging out and your boobies ugly. Well thank you sweetheart! Lol

  11. So cute! And I’m not talking about that scary looking turtle, little W of coarse! I love toddler language. I have given my daughter’s funny words a name “Ava-nese” she says funny things like ” keen ha” for clean up. Mickey mouse is ” icky ha” her paci is pronounced ” pee-a-pee” in Ava-nese, I think in a past life she was Asian… So cute I have to admit I was a little sad when she finally started saying puppy instead of uppy…

  12. My three year old has the best made up words: toast office (post office), eleventeen….my favorite is lasterday. 🙂 glad your boy is back to being himself!

  13. Sooo sweet! I love his little UGGs!!

  14. Great pics! So glad to see your son getting his smile back. What an ordeal – I’m glad it all worked out well. Thanks for sharing your experience. It may help many other young parents who have to go through the same thing with their child. Renee

  15. Glad little man is feeling better.

    Mommy, I like you. I like you so much that I love you. You make me happy.
    (My 4 year old has been telling me this lately and it makes me melt)

  16. OH! that tortoise does have a scary face! Happy to hear W is started to feel better.

  17. Bobbie Mackey says:

    my two year old is a hoot. you never know what she will come up with. but every day she tells me
    ‘mama, you always keep me safe. you never let me fall. you never leave me. that cause i’m smart. i’m beautiful, i portant. you too mommy”

  18. That is one SCARY turtle!!! my goodness! I too will be having nightmares of that 1st picture! Your son is just so cute. 🙂

  19. Today I was tried and failed to teach my son Aaron (3 next monday) to say “envelope”. It was like teaching Joey Tribbiani to speak french..
    Me “On”
    Aaron “On”
    Me “vel”
    Aaron “vel”
    Me “ope”
    Aaron “ope
    Me “Envelope”
    Aaron “Numberlope”

  20. Glad he’s feeling better!! I hope you are getting more sleep now!

  21. Haha, I love toddler talk. My step-daughter is 3 1/2 and every bit of a girly girl. Her mom (Ashley) and I are friends on Facebook and she always tags me in posts of Ella saying crazy stuff. The other day this was a conversation between the 2 of them…

    Ella- I’m hungry
    Ashley- What do you want to eat Ella?
    Ella- I want a hot dog
    Ashely- We don’t have hot dogs
    Ella- My daddy has hot dogs at his house
    Ashley- Well sorry baby we don’t have any
    Ella- Ughhh….nevermind.

    Ella has an older brother and he has a pretend razor to “shave” his face.

    Ashley walks in on Ella using it to shave her legs….

    Ashley- Ella, why are you shaving you legs? You don’t have any hair on your legs
    Ella- I know mom…I shaved it alllll off.

    We are in trouble…

  22. Haha!! I love him hugging the cement turtle. Too cute 🙂

    So glad things are looking better for you guys!

  23. I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and I really look forward to reading your posts! Its such a sweet blog! It broke my heart to hear about little W surgery. We went through a similar experience with our little girl. She had to get a VCUG and was pretty traumatized by the experience. She was not herself and became terrified of everything and everyone. She stopped walking and went back to crawling, became a nervous wreck whenever it was time for a bath or diaper change, and wouldn’t eat. She didn’t want me out of her sight and clung to me night and day for dear life. She and I both shed a lot of tears and we had a lot of sleepless nights. It was heartbreaking. Happily, she finally did return completely to herself. To be honest, I was pretty sure at least the severe separation and stranger anxiety would be permanent. It took time, but I guess time is what heals a lot of wounds. Glad to hear your little guy is starting to get back to himself. I hope lil W will keep those smiles coming!

  24. I’m glad Lil W is feeling better. What he said was so cute. I wish I had written more stuff down when Natalie was little. She still has funny things to say though (at age 14).

  25. My five year was sitting on the floor petting the cat, and turned to me and said “Mom we need a baby and a dog”. Lol I’ll get right on it!

  26. He is still small, only 15 months. He only says about 5 words. He is saying Baba now. Every new word he says is so exciting and so sweet!!

  27. Love him hugging that stone turtle! hehe

  28. Okay, that first picture is seriously creeping me out, but all the adorable ones beneath it make up for it! 🙂

  29. Lindsey says:

    My son just started saying “Mama.” Cutest thing I’ve ever heard!

  30. I’m so glad he’s feeling better, but dang… that is one creepy looking turtle.

  31. I have 4 kids. The youngest are two year old twins (boy and girl). The other night during family bedtime prayers my 2 year old son prayed this: “De Jeza, tan-q for Momeee and Dadeee. Hep me ta poo di poppie. AaaaaMAN!”

    Translation: “Dear Jesus, Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. Help me to poop in the potty. Amen!”
    Needless to say, we are potty training this month. 🙂

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