Archives for March 2012


Impromptu Beach Day

  It wasn’t what we Cali-folk would call a completely warm day. But it was sunny. And sometimes that’s all you need to throw together an impromptu family beach day. {…Read More…}


Baby Wants and a Plea for Your Help

    1. Yes Please, 2. Gimme, 3. Swag, 4. Uh Huh, 5. Love, 6. Fo Sho, 7. Oh Snap, 8. Yes Mam, 9. Yesiree, 10. Swoon, 11. Hot Dog {…Read More…}


It’s Important to Have Friends

You can’t put a price on friendship. And I was reminded of that this weekend. After high school, I went off to college. And slowly but surely I lost touch {…Read More…}