Mary Kay Makes Me a Lipstick Lover {and a giveaway}


I’m not a lipstick kind of girl.
I want to be.
I’ve tried to be.
But I always end up picking out some peachy/mauve color reminiscent of something worn by…
Well, let’s just say, worn by someone quite a bit older than I want to feel.
So I’ve always stuck with a lip stain, followed by a lip gloss…
while I wait for the perfect lipstick shade to find me.
Well it has.
And quite unexpectedly, might I add.

I recently had the opportunity to review an assortment of Mary Kay® beauty products.

They arrived packaged in this gorgeous gift box.
Included in my package:

Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Mascara
Mary Kay® Compact Mini
Mary Kay® TimeWise™ Microdermabrasion Set
Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in fuchsia

Something about getting a package of beauty products feels like Christmas morning.
But here’s the thing.
In addition to thinking that I’m not a lipstick girl,
I also had a firm belief that I was not a colored eye-shadow kinda girl.
So when I opened up this little goodie package and saw purple and silver eye shadow along with fuchsia lipstick,
I thought, Oh know, this should be interesting.
But I put on my big girl boots and decided to give color a go…
I fell in love!
 Disregard greasy hair and pale ghostliness…
Because now I would like to introduce you to my new best friends:
pink lips and rad eye lashes.

I’m not a big fan of mascaras that claim to give you miracle eye lashes.
I’ve tried them all, and I always just end up settling on whatever free sample they are giving out at the makeup counter.
However, I can honestly tell you that the Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Mascara is my new go-to brand–I love it!  Went on smooth: no gunk, no glop, no clumps.
I was also pleasantly surprised at how subtle I was able to wear the purple and silver eye shadow. It gave that perfect pop of color without being over the top.  And I can promise you, you will be seeing more of the fuchsia lipstick in future posts–because it makes me feel pretty.
BUT, the sure fire way I knew this make up is totally awesome…
when I walked down the stairs after putting it on and the hubby says,
“Woah, what’s the occasion, hubba hubba”. 
If Ben notices, then it must do the trick.

Want to try a face full of Mary Kay for yourself?

Lucky for you, one reader will receive a Mary Kay gift pack valued at $100 from Mary Kay and BlogHer!
Sweepstakes dates: 9/22—10/16/2011
How to enter:
Please leave a separate comment for each entry. No duplicate comments.
Tell me which Mary Kay product you’d like to try and you’ll be entered to win!
You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:
a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
b) Tweet about this promotion and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the Official Rulesto learn about an alternate form of entry.
This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.
You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
The Official Rules are available here.
You can visit the Promotions & Prizes round up page for additional chances to win.
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  1. Well now I want to try thayt lipstick!

  2. I love Mary Kay, have been using it all of my life, I would love to try theTimewise firming eye cream 🙂

  3. I love the facewash 3in 1 oh it clears my face up and makes me feel so much better!!

  4. I’d like to try it all, especially the lipstick. I love make-up, but am afraid to experiment because I don’t want to end up looking like Christina Aguilera in that Lady Marmalade video.

    Here’s hoping I win : )

  5. Jessie Prince says:

    I would love to try some lipstick in like a dusty rose or pink satin (or maybe i’ll throw caution into the wind and go with a dark red!)

  6. First of all, I rarely enter to win anything. However, you look fantastic wearing those colors, and that got me thinking that I should try to freshen up my make-up with color:) But being the scarey-cat I am I can never just go and buy it. If I do win, I will send you my before and after pics:) Please pick me!

  7. I LOVE to play with make-up and the pink lipstick looks awesome!!!

  8. As a kid I always experimented with my sisters and mum’s make up. I tried my sisters bad glitter glue eyeshadow, and my mums dark brown lipstick. Since then however, I have mastered the art of most of my make up, by many a trial and error along the way. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel, yeah, I look ok.
    But, alas….. my fear and dread of the ‘LIPSTICK!!!’
    Like you, lipstick is not my friend. It never has been. Every time I try it I look like a kid rummaging through mum’s make up drawer, or an awkward adolescent of the 80’s going to a party! I never wear the stuff and so my make up looks- unfinished!
    I am getting married (pause for a YAY!) and my fiance prompted the question last week, ‘why don’t you ever wear lipstick?’
    I joked and told him i left it on my other ‘boyfriends’ lips to pass the comment away. (I do not have another boyfriend in case you were thinking I was like that).
    Well enough babbling,the comment did make me think, should I try it once more, and get it right for our wedding?? If this lipstick is the dream come true for you, I have only hope it may do the same for myself.
    I’m willing to give it a go… once more!

  9. I would love to try out their mascara! I have stubs for lashes, so anything to make them look longer is SUPER appealing!!!

  10. Love the lipstick and would LOVE to be able to try it!

  11. I’d love to try the lipstick…i”m not a big lipstick person…so it’d be fun to find one I like!!!

  12. I’m like you. I love lipstick, I think it is an amazing thing but I can never really get myself to wear a bright and amazing color. I always settle for chapstick or nothing at all. So I thinkI would definately want to try the lipstick. I’m down with any make up really but lipstick is something my face needs. =)

    -Hannah Wetzel
    [email protected]

  13. I am always on the hunt for a good mascara!

  14. I would like to try the mascara. I’ve been in search of a great mascara for years and haven’t quite found a favorite yet. Dang girl…you look gorgeous!

  15. I have also recently discovered Mary Kay. My hair stylist sells Mary Kay and gave me samples to try. I have never been a lipstick wearer, but fell in love with the Fuchsia shape. I wear it all the time. I have two very boring eye shadows and would love to expand my colors. Thank you.

  16. Hello again!
    I took the time this morning to bog about this awesome giveaway. Here is the link to the post:

    This is an awesome giveaway. Whoot whoot for Little Miss Momma!

    -Hannah Wetzel
    [email protected]

  17. I would like to try the lipstick- I have a HARD time finding lipstick that is not yucky tasting and super sticky-icky!

  18. Stacey Arundale says:

    I’m not a lipstick girl either, so I would love to give one of their lipsticks a try!

  19. Danielle D. says:

    Lipstick for sure. I feel old or like something out of the 80s everytime I wear it.

  20. I’d love to try lipstick. I’m not really that comfortable with ti yet, but I think it would be fun to have a couple samples. 🙂

  21. I love long lashes….would love to try the mascara, among other things!

  22. I would LOVE to try that mascara. Mascara is pretty much my best friend 😉

  23. I’d love to try out the mascara. I can never seem to find one that doesn’t get all clumpy!

  24. Brittany b. says:

    I want to try the lipstick!!

  25. I love this lipstick and would live to try it!

  26. Simply Sara says:

    I would love to try one of their cream lipsticks, in a neutral color

  27. I totally want to try the Lash Love mascara! I’ve never been able to find one that lives up to the promises of advertisements, but with this endorsement for this Mary Kay mascara, I’ve got to check it out!

  28. I’d love to try the mascara. I’m not happy with the one I’m using right now.

  29. Simply Sara says:
  30. I’d love to try that mascara. I think mine are thinning out but I don’t usually wear it because I have yet to find one that I like.

  31. There was one lipstick I wore years ago that I thought was SO pretty. I found an old tube of it recently and tried some on…ha! Not. At. All. One of those, “What was I thinking?” moments. I’m still a lip gloss girl myself. I’d love to try it out!

  32. I’d love to try the creme fuchsia lipstick. Not sure about fuchsia, but it looks fantastic on you, so maybe…

  33. I’m the same way as you…never been able to pick a good lipstick for myself! That makeup looks amazing on you!

  34. I’d love to try out a new lipstick!

  35. I am in desperate need of a make-up makeover! Would love to try out some products!

  36. I”d like the lipstick, since I’m currently in a tinted-chapstick rut. Also, mascara makes my eyes all red.

  37. I would love to try the Mascara. I have the same issue with clumpy mascara and haven’t found one that I am quite in love with yet. The lipstick would be BOLD for me…I hardly wear make up and never wear lip stick. Branching out and trying a bold color would be scary but I’m up for the challenge.

  38. Aaaaaand I want it all. Please let me be lucky for this giveaway, because I really, really want this one!

  39. I would like to try something for dark circles! I’m only 20, but I have those wonderful genes that make me look dead/tired all the time! I’m also pale skinned so finding a cover up has been an issue. BTW I love those eyeshadow colors on you!

  40. Well, I LOVE Mary Kay products, but because they are a little out of my price range, I haven’t been able to splurge lately, so it would be amazing to win this!

    The product I would like to try the most is the Mary Kay Eye primer. I LOVE to wear eye shadow, but I always get that dreaded crease, so I hardly ever wear eye shadow because of it. The eye primer is supposed to help with that, and I would LOVE to give it a try!

  41. I’ve always heard good things about Mary Kay. I’d have to say it’s a tie between trying the mascara and lipstick. I can never find a mascara or lipstick I love. These products look awesome.

  42. I’m not a lipstick kinda girl either, but if I could find the right shade I would be! I’d love to try a few shades of lipstick and new eye shadows!

  43. I want to try that lipstick, though I might have to go a bit darker in the color.

  44. LOVE that lipstick color! I’d love to try that!

  45. I really want to try their mineral foundation adn I am also in the market for a great lipstick: )

  46. I need a good lipstick… have a hard time finding good colors as well! Loved to try it out.

  47. I love the eyeshadow you used. I always tend to buy the neutral tans and beige colors, but a hint of purple could be fun!

  48. I’m not really a lipstick girl either. I’m more of a pink lipgloss kind of girl. And since having baby J I’m a “no lip anything” girl because I hate getting my sticky gooieness all over the poor kid 🙂 But that lip stick looks super lovely on you!

  49. I would love to try one of their lipsticks. I love their eye shadows, mascara, and lop gloss, but whenever I try and pick out lipstick i feel like I end up looking like a hooker, but that color looks awesome!

  50. Ahhh the mascara!!!

  51. Aubreylaine says:

    I’d love to try their mascara
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  52. Deanna Hunt says:

    Eye shadow!!!

  53. I want to be a lipstick lover too!!

  54. matildalucille says:

    oh that mascara looks fabulous…i would love lashes like that! and those eye shadows look amazing too, so silky and the colors are subtle and soft…so pretty!

  55. I’m always on the lookout for THE greatest mascara – so I would love to try that…I’ve also been wanting to try their foundation primer…thanks for a great giveaway!

  56. i have also always been afraid of lipstick. and when i would try it, i would just look at myself for awhile and then wipe it off. gloss has always been my go-to. i’d LOVE to find a good color to use to get those ‘hubba hubba’ moments from my husband 🙂

  57. Love MK make-up! I’ve been wanting to try the new mascara….. Mascara and me don’t get along, I’m still looking for the right one.

  58. I want to try the mascara. I am in search of a really good mascara!

  59. Kim Nichols says:

    Holy SMOKES!

    I’ve wanted a good lipstick for a long, long time now….. but I don’t like looking like that Betty Boop or whatever her name is! It just so happens…… my sister is having a Mary Kay party tomorrow night and I hope the consultant has that exact lipstick so I can try it out!

    And you, by the way, are gorgeous!

  60. i would love to try some lipsticks myself! i am usually a chapstick or sheer gloss type… but i think its time i grow up and find some lady lip colors!

  61. I would love to try some of there eyeshadow. I need a little color in my life.

  62. I would love to try some of their eye shadows, I am an eye shadow fanatic!

  63. I am always in search of a great mascara! I would love to try theirs!

  64. I’d love to try any of it! I’ve never tried Mary Kay before, but it looks great! (And you look gorgeous in it!)

  65. I tweeted the giveaway!!!/nataliejbean

  66. I’d love to try their blush.

  67. Whenever I try Mary Kay products, I love them! I would love to try mascara, colored eye shadows, lipstick. I’m a foundation and lipgloss kind of gal.

  68. hmm, lipstick, no mascara! gosh, ..jst can’t decide! I need to revamp it all!! 😉
    You look fab!!

  69. How fun! I love trying new make up. I always get in a rut and need to broaden my horizons in that department 🙂

  70. i blogged about the giveaway in my “awesomes” in my awkward & awesome post today!

  71. I am all about the time wise face wash and the mascara!

  72. I would love to try a new lipstick. I’m out and scrub the remaining bits of what’s left of mine with my nail, I know eek! You look stunning by the way girlie, as always:-)

  73. I too need new lips:) I would love to try that lipstick. I never buy it anymore because in the store it looks like is would be perfect. I get home and it is like glairingly hidious on me. This color looks great on you!

  74. I wanna try the mascara. My favorite for years recently went out of business, so I’ve been using something that’s just okay since. I’d love to find one I love again.

  75. I’d like to try lipstick. I never wear it, but maybe I’ll start!

  76. I’m always on the hunt for a good mascara! I love MK’s liquid eye liner though.

  77. The Black Pearl eyeshadow seems like a great color. Smokey but not too intense. Lovely for fall. I also just started wearing lipstick! Went all the way with a Russian Red. I love it! Scary at first but so fun to try on new looks.

  78. I would love to try out these Mary Kay products. I am always looking for something better to try. I love your blog.

  79. I’m with you on never being able to find the right lipstick shade. I’d love to give that lipstick a try!

  80. how cool–would love that. that lipstick and eye makeup looks awesome on you!!

  81. Ok, your after pictures are stunning! You are naturally beautiful but the makeup really makes your eyes and lips POP! That’s a great lipstick on you 🙂
    I would love to try their mascara, I seem to always try ones that are clumpy and make my lashes stick together.

  82. Id LOVE to try that eyes shadow. Im all about playing with colors. sometimes it doesnt work out to well though :/ LOL and the lipstick looks AAAAMAZING on you (: Beautiful.

  83. Donna O'Neil says:

    I would love to try the lip stick. To be honest, I haven’t worn lipstick in years. I just do color gloss.

  84. I LOVE lash love mascara! I would love to try that lipstick though & the Microdermabrasion set 🙂

    I tweeted about this giveaway 🙂

  86. I would love to try the lipstick!!

  87. Wahoo! I wanna win! I love make-up : )

  88. I was just thinking the other day that I need some new lipstick. That microderm kit looks pretty cool though! :0)

  89. Mary Kay Makes Me a Lipstick Lover {and a giveaway} – Little Miss Momma

  90. Now I have to try that lipstick!!!

  91. I posted on Twitter about the giveaway!!/kirstinbrooke

  92. You sold me on the pink & purple eye shadow. Would love to try it since I always seem to be stuck in the neutrals 🙂

  93. Emily Harwood says:

    The lipstick would oh so fun!!! LOVE!

  94. They stopped making my ALL TIME favorite lipstick “Hot Chocolate”..I am still searching for a match..Mary Kay has the best lipstick

  95. I would love to try the pink lipstick!

  96. I also do not think I am a lipstick or colored eye shadow girl. When I do try to use color my 8-year-old always says, “Mom, that’s too dark for you!” I love how subtle and pretty both the eye shadow and the lipstick looks, so I’d love to try them.

  97. I would love to try that lipstick! I usually don’t wear any either. I wouldn’t mind trying some new colors of eyeshadows either. I usually just wear neutrals.

  98. I’m so the same about lipstick! I would love to try out Mary Kay’s. You talked it up so well!

  99. I would love the mascara! My blonde eyelashes need all the help they can get!

  100. I would love to just try everything. I bet that was fun to open in the mail! 🙂

  101. I would love to try that Fuschia lipstick as well! I too am just starting to wear lipstick again after only wearing lip gloss for years!

  102. I am always looking for a new mascara. I want to try that bad.

  103. I’d love to try their mascara.

  104. I would love to try the mascara!

  105. I LOVE Mary Kay! I use their Time Wise cleanser and such for my daily face washing! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try some of their eye shadows and lipsticks!!!

  106. am not a make up girl….but want to be 🙂

  107. This is great! I would love to try out some new eyeshadow colors!!
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  108. I love Mary Kay! I have never tried the lash love though so I would definitely be interested in checking it out….

  109. haha hubba hubba. that’s so cute 🙂 i wanna try the lash love. im always looking for an awesome mascara

  110. I want to try that lipstick! I love that color.

  111. I would love to try the mascara, I am a little picky when it comes to mascara.

  112. I would like to try out the eye firmer.

  113. That lipstick color looks fantastic on you! I might just want to give that a go!

    My favorite is the mircoderm set… leaves my skin silky smooth =)

  114. I would love to try the Lash Love mascara! I’m always looking for something new to try.

  115. Samantha Grey says:

    I want to be a lipstick lover!!!

  116. I’d like to try the mascara

  117. Love the lipstick on you, I think I’d like to try it.

  118. I’m a sucker for new mascaras. Thanks!

  119. I want to try the mascara. I have UBER long lashes and although I LOVE them, I HATE when my mascara makes them all clumpy and glumpy.

  120. You look amazing girl!!! I would like to try the lipstick!

  121. I’d love to try some colored eyeshadows…purples always work for me! Looks fab on you!! (and love that lip color!!)

  122. I would love the opportunity to try the TimeWise Microdermabrasion set!!! And that lip color they sent to you! SOOOO pretty 🙂

  123. I LOVE mary kay. I even started a mary kay savings jar. 😀 But haven’t been able to get everything I want… Like the berry splash lipstick & eyeshadow bundle. :o)

  124. Just posted this on my blog.


  125. Awesome giveaway!! I would love to try the Lash Love Mascara!

  126. Love to try the foundation primer.

  127. The lipstick looks great on you!!!

  128. I would love to try the micro dermabrasion kit! I LOVE Mary Kay mascara and lipstick.

  129. I want the lipstick and mascara because you LMM make them look good!! Giveaways ROCK!

  130. I really like that lipstick too!

  131. I want to try that lipstick!!

  132. I’d love to try their Concealer – i think ivory 1 is my color. Thanks for the chance!

  133. i’d love to try the creme lipstick! you make it look great 🙂

  134. I have always loved eye shadow and I would love to try some new shades. I like changing things up. Thanks!

  135. I would love to try their lipstick! Typically I just use gloss, or my lip stain is a neutral color… this looks like so much more fun!

  136. I would like to try the satin hands! Thanks!!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  137. I am always hoping to find a lipstick I like but have not had very good luck so far so I would like the cream lipstick. AND I am addicted to mascara… so definitely the Love Lash mascara!! 🙂

  138. I so am in the same boat as you! I try and try lipstick, but always end up with nudes, something you can’t even tell I have on. I just always feel I look extremely weird with a wild (anything but nude) color on! So I would loooove to try a new lipstick!

  139. I would love to try the lipstick!

  140. Ooh, I love their plum nail lacquer.

  141. I would love to try Berry Sparkle lip stick, or their concealer. I am on the hunt for a great undereye concealer.

  142. i used to be a consultant for mary kay–so i know the products are great. My favorite product is the eye primer–keeps that pretty eye shadow on all day with NO CREASING!

  143. I have never been a lipstick person either, but as I get older, I can tell I am starting to need it! I would love to try Mary Kay lipstick!

  144. I would love to try the mascara. I really need a good one!

  145. I tweeted this contest

  146. I follow you

  147. I posted to FB

  148. I would love to try their mascara, I am a only wear mascara kinda girl,but am hard to impress with mascara!

  149. I tweeted about this giveaway, thanks for hosting This!!/jrwarfield/status/117247070192152576

  150. My friend just recently started selling Mary Kay, and Ive fallen in love after one “party” with her! I ended up buy the whole time wise collection! But I also LOVED the makeup I tried, so I would love to get the mini compact with a few of their shadows! 🙂

  151. I want to try the microderm set as well!

  152. Hi Ashley! Your lips look magnificant! I too would love to be a lipstick girl…actually I would love to be a makeup girl altogether but unfortunately I only seem to be on VERY. SPECIAL. OCCASSIONS. that seem to conveniently fall few and far between in my schedule. 🙁 We can change this though. I’d love to try that lipstick!

  153. I am so with you on the lipstick thing. But that color looks great on you! I would love to try out that lipstick and the mascara – and I’d love to try some of their Oil Control Lotion. Awesome giveaway!

  154. I’ve used MK’s lip gloss and Loved it! I like that color of lipstick on you – I agree that it’s not something I would have picked out on my own, but it looks much better on than in the tube!

  155. I’ve never worn lipstick, but I would love to try some.

  156. I would love to try that eye shadow, I always wear greys and browns, nothing fun and if I’d look half as great in the colored shadow as you do, I’d switch over too:)

  157. I would love to try the lipstick or mascara, I’ve always been terrified of lip color and am always on the constant look for an awesome mascara! 🙂

  158. I have been trying to find the perfect and most age appropriate lipstick/lip gloss/lip shine out there….this lipstick may just be the perfect choice!!

  159. I LOVE that lipstick!! It looks so great on you!

  160. I would love/adore to try that mascara – I think I have tried every brand out there and just can’t fall in love with one…

  161. Ashley Williams says:

    So I have just started my career and want to start looking more “adult” haha, and you look SO good in that lipstick, it makes me want it!! That color and all. Since you’re so gorgeous, I’m hoping it’ll have the same effect on me! : )

  162. I have super blonde eye lashes and I’m always looking for a good mascara. I have tried every brand on the market and I just get the cheapest one because they seem all the same to me!

  163. After looking at your stunning eyes, I think I’d have to try the eye shadow. It would be fun to branch out a little from my brown and gray.

  164. I would like to try the mascara and lipstick.

  165. You look gorgeous.

  166. I would love to try their lipstick! 🙂

  167. I would love to try out the Lash Love Mascara.

  168. I have the shortest lashes ever, so I would love to try out the Lash Love mascara. You also have me sold on the fuchsia lipstick:-) What an amazing giveaway…my fingers are crossed!!!

  169. I would love to try the mascara
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  170. Susan Smith says:

    I like Mary Kays Berry Kiss lipstick.

  171. Susan Smith says:
  172. I’d like to give their mascara a try…my lashes need lots of help!

  173. WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!!! Aweosme giveaway!! keep ’em coming:-)

  174. So fun! I would love to win some make-up. I am such a boring stick-with-what-I-know kind of make-up girl. Brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, mascara and some powder foundation stuff. I, too, can’t seem to get lipstick right. I feel like my lips are too big and then just look Mega-normous with lipstick on.

    I would love to trip it all….but specifically their lipstick and mascara.

  175. id love new lipstick! I need it really bad! [email protected]

  176. I wish I loved lipstick. I would love to find the perfect red that doesn’t make me look like a goober.

  177. I would love to try that gorgeous lipstick!

  178. I’d love to try that lipstick!

  179. I just adore Mary Kay..all of my sister-in-laws use it & whenever we are together we trade off shades! I love the eye color bundles…Mary Kay makes it so easy and simple to wear…you select the colors, they tell you how to put it on and baddabig baddaboom you are all finished!

  180. tweeted about this giveaway!!/bringonthenews

  181. I loveee Mary Kay as well!! Would love to try it!!

  182. It has been years since I tried Mary Kay. What fun it would be to try again, at my more “mature” age!!

  183. brandy o'connell says:

    Love their lash love mascara!! Would love to try some lipstick and more eye shadows!!

  184. Michelle Gilbert says:

    I have only used Mary Kay off and on from friends or through samples but the major product I’m interested in trying is the Timewise microdermabrasion kit. I’d love to see how well this works on my skin and facial imperfections. I’ve heard rave reviews about it & would love to find out for myself 🙂!/mgilbert417/status/118053158726545408

  185. I have also been hesitant to use lipstick… I’d love to try this one! Looks great on you! 🙂

  186. I was brave and work red (gasp) lipstick to church today 🙂 it felt so good I might even wear it again tomorrow 🙂 thanks for the convidence boost!!

    PS – we were also wearing the same shirt the day your posted this 🙂

  187. I would love to try the lipstick! I have yet to find a lipstick I like…

  188. siouxperrins says:

    Wow!!!! I would love to win some new makeup, and I love lipstick!!!!

  189. Veronica Carpenter says:

    Oh to get makeup in the mail to “review”!! I, too am always searching for that perfect mascara that makes it look like I just brushed on fake lashes! Of course I am always left a little let down.Whether I spend more money or less I just can’t seem to find the “go to” mascara for me. So, I would love to try that mascara. I am in search of a new lipstick shade too that’s a little bolder than my current day to day look. When I saw that color on you I wanted it! Now the question is will it look as good on me! Love your blog, I am so inspired! Thanks Little Miss Momma!!

  190. I would love to try the mascara- I want to wear mascara but my eyes are so sensitive to most kinds-
    you look a-dorable !! thanks for sharing !!

  191. I’ve never worn lipstick but I’ve wanted to. I would definitely get the lipstick!

  192. I would LOVE to try their microderm abrasion set!

  193. I want to try their microderm abrasion set!

  194. Would love to try the mascara! Those products look great on you.

  195. I would like to try the Timewise firming eye cream!!
    Thanks for the chance…

  196. Verla Schupbach says:

    I have been using Mary Kay for 37 years now, and have great skin at the age of 56–thanks to them! I love the basic products, and most especially the day radiance and lipstick. I would love to try the mascara as I haven’t used any for a very long time because of the same problems described in this posting. Hope I get the chance to through this offer. Thanks so much!

  197. I would love to try the mascara!

  198. I would love to win any of it – but especially some new eyeshadow or the microderm kit. My makeup routine has been the same for at least 6 years!

  199. I would love to try one of their lipsticks to find the right every day shade. I, too, am not a lipstick wearer, but I would like to be.

  200. I have used Mary Kay a lot in the past. I think I’ve tried that lipstick! I usually wear glosses too. The colors look great on you (and you did a nice job applying it, it looks very natural!) I would love to try the eye shadow or the mascara. I’m stuck in an eyeshadow rut right now. I’m mainly usually a slightly shimmery peach tone and add some brown in the crease if I’m going out……kinda blah!

  201. Sorry, I entered the wrong link for me above! =)

  202. I have tried lots of Mary Kay products, though mainly the skin care….I would love to try the new luxurious liners……

  203. You look beautiful, before and after the makeup! I’d like to try the fuschia lipstick–love that color.


  205. I would like to try the mascara.

  206. I’d love to try the TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer

  207. Lipstick? I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls (4 & 5) and they want to wear lipstick more then I do lol. I just don’t feel like there’s a color that fits me, or when I do try to wear some I end up whipping it off because it don’t feel “right”. I’m 25 years old and I have used the Timewise, my sister gave it to me, I thought might as well start now, my girls are ageing me faster then life! I would love to try the eye stuff, wonder if it would get rid of the bags! 😉 It would be wonderful to win (never won anything before) Has anyone tried the “Smooth Hands” the peach smells soooooo good! Hmmm…. Good luck to everyone!

  208. I would LOVE to try that microdermabrasion set!

  209. I think the customizable compacts are a great idea and would love to update my look by trying a different eye shadow colors and techniques. By the way, great job on the eye makeup application!

  210. Stephanie says:

    I want the lipstick! I LOVE pink!!

  211. Chris Steele says:

    I’d love to try the microdermabrasion set. I’m too chicken (and perhaps too frugal) to buy it for myself. Side note–I also want to try the MK foundation primer.

  212. I am looking for a new mascara so the love her sounds like an interesting maybe :0)

    [email protected]

  213. I would love to try this lipstick! I just got in to wearing lipstick and am loving it!

  214. your photos are great…and the makeup looks professional on you. Are you a makeup artist?

    Id love to try the mascare you described, i can never find one that doesnt clump on me.

  215. I would love to try the lip buffer, it’s like an exfoliant for lips

  216. My wife would like any of these products, she loves make up.

  217. I want to try the compact that allows you to switch out the blushes and eye shadows. It’s a great concept, and allows you to recycle the compact (save money and trash)

  218. I’d love to try the TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer

  219. I want it all!!!

  220. I really want that lipstick. It’s my color.

  221. I tweeted. Almost sounds rude, doesn’t it? Here’s the URL!/artambrosia/status/122457960633991168

  222. I’d like to try the Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer in Plush Plum.

  223. I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and I, like you, LOVE LOVE this new mascara. Haven’t really liked the ones we’ve had since I began 15 years ago but this one takes my breath away. I am fair skinned so the brown (which is a true brown….not a blackish brown) is the BOMB.
    Girls, if you don’t win and need a terrific mascara shoot me an email.
    [email protected]
    Have fun!!!

  224. I turn 48 in just a few days and I would love to try a new lipstick from Mary Kay!!!! 🙂

  225. I have always loved MaryKay and used to wear it until I couldn’t afford it any more. I would like to try any of their new colors as well as the cleansers and lotions.

  226. I’d like to try your whole color palette; I have the palette for hazel eyes and the colors are flattering. The colors look nice on you, not too strong at all. I miss my Miracle Set : ( I’m long overdue!

  227. I’d love to try the compact!

  228. Renee Rasmussen says:

    I’d say the lipstick…I’m in the same boat as you as far as wanting to be a lipstick girl! Thanks for the chance

  229. The compact will be very handy to have.
    Thanks for the contest.

  230. He said “Hubba Hubba” I Love it! Great Mary Kay review.

  231. Definitely the lipstick! i’m not a lipstick kind of girl either, so trying this would be pefect.

  232. Would love to win this and try the new lipstick – always looking for a new color. Have used Mary Kay for years and love all of their products.

  233. I would love to try the Mary Kay® TimeWise™ Microdermabrasion Set

  234. would love to try their mascara

  235. I’d love to try the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set

  236. I am more of a lip gloss girl myself, but I might just have to try Mary out!

  237. Would really like to try lash love and that great pink lipstick you are wearing!

  238. I love the TimeWise skin care products. I love how my skin looks and feels! Also, their mineral-based powder foundation is wonderful – – light-feeling, but great coverage. Love it!

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