Our Love Story {and a Mod Memento GIVEAWAY & Discount}

We all have a story.

It may be about the lessons we’ve learned,
about the adventures we’ve taken,
of how we fell in love,
how we found faith,
how we created life.

And this is my story–my love story, to be exact.
{the quick version}

ben + ashley

One boy…one girl…For her, it was love at first site when she spotted him across the UCSB gym…He, however, took some convincing…he shared his testimony, she gave her heart…and after a year of dating long distance, he packed his bags to start a life with her in California…that’s when she knew  he loved her back…he proposed in the rain on January 1, 2006 and on July 14th that same year, they were sealed for eternity in the Los Angeles LDS Temple…Catalina Island, New York City,  100 mile bike rides down the California coast, blockbuster marathons, cuddle fests–their adventure had begun…and then, on July 8, 2009, this boy and this girl welcomed their first baby into the world–and life got even sweeter.
                                                                               …to be continued

Our love story,
short and sweet.
Courtesy of Mod Memento,
a unique shop on Etsy, that tells YOUR story through beautiful modern artwork.

And our Baby boy–Baby W.
I am pretty sure the cats outta the bag about Baby W’s real name.

Baby W wants you to know that he thinks this Mod Definition print would make a fabulous baby shower gift.

And today we have a fab GIVEAWAY for you luckies!
One WINNER will get their CHOICE of
in the Mod Memento shop.

and ALL of you will get this fab discount:
15% OFF
code: MODMOMMA15

Just see how beautiful and unique these prints are.
And remember, each digital print is 100% one-of-a-kind because it reflects YOUR personal Love Story, Birth Story, or Monogram. These prints are bold, colorful, and fun and are shipped ready to frame.

Here’s how you ENTER to WIN:
{leave a separate comment for each entry you complete}

1. Visit the Mod Memento shop and leave a comment with the name of the print you would select if you won.

2. Like Mod Memento on Facebook and leave a comment on her wall that you stopped by from Little Miss Momma.

3. Follow the Mod Memento blog and leave a comment saying you stopped by from LMM.

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5. Blog, Facebook, and/or Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link. {up to 3 entries}
6. Leave a comment with YOUR story in 150 words or less.

BONUS: Place an order and get 5 EXTRA entries!

{leave 5 separate comments and tell us what you ordered}

the WINNER will be announced on Monday, April 4, 2011
Ashley Stock
I'm Ashley. Sometimes I craft, occasionally I cook, everyday I write, and I'm always Momma. This is my blog. I keep it real while still seeing the rainbows and butterflies in all of life's lessons.
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  1. SuzyQSparkles says:

    I love the Mod Love Story… that's what I'd enjoy winning!

  2. SuzyQSparkles says:

    Suzy + Tom
    Brother’s Friend – Hardrock Café – Phoenix, Arizona – Halloween 2001 – Heavy Darth Vader Costume Break – She rubbed his neck. – 39 year old bachelor waits for “the one”. She is a Modern Ddomestic Goddess whom he calls “June Cleaver’s Daughter” – He asked her brother for permission to woo. –She said “It’s too soon.” – Her brother said “He’ll take care of you and give you the house, family and white picket fence.” – She trusted her brother. – Numbers… they married 02-02-2002 – Modern “Arranged Marriage” – Sholar Station, Arizona – Tom gives her all of that and more! – He is her Lord and Master. – Baby Boys – Frank October 2001 – Jack January 2005 –Sholar Siding, Wyoming – New Adventures and Old Stories Shared – Shadona Central, New Mexico – Complimenting each other as they float down the river of life, sharing the amazing view with one another. …to be continued

  3. SuzyQSparkles says:

    And, yeah… I follow LMM! 😉

  4. Natalia Lynn says:

    I already follow you! 🙂

  5. Natalia Lynn says:

    I would love the definition frame or love story or birth story prints. So many to choose from!

  6. Natalia Lynn says:

    Liked on FB.

  7. Natalia Lynn says:

    Following her blog and I left a comment letting her know I did!

  8. Natalia Lynn says:

    Friend of a friend, volleyball match won! Basketball match lost. Dinner Tony Roma's City Walk. Long phone calls, movies in the park, Panda Express, Elephant Bar. Proposed at my home August 2006, married July 28, 2007. Married in Simi Valley, Reception in the Bahamas. Two little monsters later, still just love. Two countries, two backgrounds, two races, two cultures, ONE GOD!

  9. Natalia Lynn says:

    And I tweeted! I would really love to win this one!

  10. I liked her on fb

  11. I followed her blog 🙂

  12. Daniel and Jade.
    Met in Jade's tiny hometown one Easter Sunday at church. Coincidently were attending the same Bible School that fall. The love grew. The proposal came on top of a snow covered mountain…the wedding four months after…outdoors in beautiful Tumbler Ridge. 8 years have passed and 4 daughters have arrived. I love him more each day.

  13. I would probably get the monogram…it's tres chic 🙂

  14. Liked them on FB

  15. I already follow LMM on facebook!

  16. I follow you!

    I've never wanted to win a giveaway so badly. So, so badly.

    As in, tonight I'll be showing this to my husband so we can work on our story and order one anyway.

  17. I love the home is where your husband is in steel gray print!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  18. I follow LMM!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  19. I love the birth announcements…definitely want one!

  20. C+K=class and studying…dates and dancing…laughing…sports games and beer…I love you and proposing…wedding bells and happy tears…to be continued.

  21. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson says:

    I love that Etsy shop! I would get either the love story or one of the personalized ones for my baby girl. 🙂

  22. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson says:

    I also follow LMM!

  23. itsybitsybrianna says:

    SOOOOOO pretty

    How is it that simple text can be so powerful?
    It's amazing


    please visit my blog and say hi!

  24. I love the Love story and the birth announcements..



  25. craftytammie says:

    I like the mod definition print!

  26. craftytammie says:

    troy & tammie
    best friends since we met 15 years ago. always growing as a couple and now as a family of six! i read to him, he does the math for me.

  27. I like the mod love story. It's fun to think about what I would put in there.

  28. I already follow you, LMM.

  29. I like the Mod Love Story Print! I'd love to win this for my best friend getting married on May 14th.

  30. I already follow LMM.

  31. Corlines says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the Mod Birth Story Print! I need these for my boys!

  32. I stopped by the Mod Memento blog and said hi. I also followed her blog.

  33. I already follow LMM. 🙂

  34. I like the mod birth story print! So unique!

  35. follow Mod Momento!

  36. follow LMM! Great giveaway! I really like all her stuff

  37. Mark and Emily says:

    Home is where your Husband is… so true! Love it!

  38. sandytoesbride says:

    Mod Love Story Print – Personalized for the Bride and Groom. Makes me swoon thinking about our upcoming wedding!

  39. sandytoesbride says:

    I liked Mod Momento on Facebook!

  40. i would want the mod story love print! so cute!

  41. I love the Mamazazzi print in brown! I take SO many pictures of myself and Kevin…that this would be too cute to own!

  42. I also liked Mod Memento on facebook!

  43. Our story-
    Kevin + Kitty
    College sweethearts that are celebrating 3 years of dating TODAY! We graduated college last year, and had to move to neighboring states for the past year for me to go to law school, and so he could work. Our story is still unfinished but I love it so far!

  44. Rachel Conatser says:

    Oh I love them all! My 1st purchase would have to be the Mod Love Story print!

  45. Rachel Conatser says:

    I follow you 🙂

  46. Rachel Conatser says:

    I like her on FB!

  47. danny + rachel
    boy + girl. met at football field in provo in 2007. boy didn’t notice girl, so girl kept hanging around. he finally kissed her, and admitted he liked her. boy and girl started dating for real. lots of hanging out, lots of movies at his apartment, lots of late night trips to denny’s. 7 months later boy told girl he loved her. a year and a half after they shared their first kiss boy asked girl to marry him. almost two years after they’d started their journey together they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Orlando LDS Temple on June 24, 2009. boy + girl came back to provo. boy graduated, started working. girl is almost graduated. long walks, fun road trips, lots of cuddling, boy + girl can’t wait to see what’s next.
    …to be continued.

  48. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    I am now a true follower of Mod Memento's blog!

  49. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    I am a follower of LMM!

  50. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    I "love" Mod Memento on fb!

  51. I would choose the Home is Where Your husband is…a great reminder that it doesn't matter you live, as long as you have each other!

  52. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    How can you choose just one thing?! My favorite woud have to be 'Mod Love Story Print (Color)- Anniversary Gift (8×10 inch)'

  53. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    andrew + dani
    both raised in the lone star state but both met in Utah Valley at a friends home. had our last first kiss on O1.15.1O & the dating began. the dating consistent of endless text messages & weekend courting. O3.16.1O is when he proposed & we knew that we were going to spend forever together. O6.15.1O is when we were sealed for all time & eternity in the Dallas LDS Temple. from there on its been blur-ray marathons, mini golf, scavenger hunts, road trips, cuddle fest, & long baking nights. we can't wait to see what's next!

  54. Mrs.Danielle.Warren says:

    Posting on our blog, http://adwarren.blogspot.com/ right now!

  55. Lauren Merrill says:

    I would get the mod love story! So adorable!

  56. Lauren Merrill says:

    i follow lmm!

  57. Simply Sara says:

    I really like the love story print!!!

    [email protected]

  58. Stunning- says:

    Follower of LMM!

  59. Stunning- says:

    Most def would pick a love story print! Such a great idea!

  60. Simply Sara says:

    I like on Facebook and left a comment saying hello from LMM

    Sara Haga Gore

    [email protected]

  61. Lauren Merrill says:

    our story : he was from NY I am MD & we met in PA at a Christian Music festival on June 24, 2008. Out of 80,000 people, we had found "the one." We traveled back and forth, spending lots of time meeting in the middle for about 8 months then he moved to MD to be me. December 26, 2008 he got down on one knee in Corpus Christi, TX and asked me to marry him. We were then married on October 17, 2009! Ever since that its been movies, fishing, lots of photography & starting a youth group.

  62. Simply Sara says:

    I follow mod memento on her blog, and left a comment saying so!!

    [email protected]

  63. Simply Sara says:

    I have been following LMM for a while!!

    [email protected]

  64. Simply Sara says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!!!


    [email protected]

  65. Simply Sara says:

    I facebooked about the giveaway!!

    Sara Haga Gore

    [email protected]

  66. Mod Love Story Print – Personalized for the Bride & Groom (8×10 inch)


  67. Simply Sara says:

    I also blogged about mod memento too back in Feb., I just love these, saw her items on her sisters blog a while back, and they are adorable!!!


    [email protected]

  68. Simply Sara says:

    I heart her shop on etsy too!!!

    sarasuniqueboutique is my shop name,not much is initial though, lol….

    [email protected]

  69. I would like the "Home is where your husband is" print!
    [email protected]

  70. I like Mod Momento on Facebook and left her a comment!
    [email protected]

  71. I now follow Little Miss Momma!
    [email protected]

  72. I shared a link on Facebook!
    [email protected]

  73. Simply Sara says:

    Sara + Scott

    she was fresh out of college. Was filling in as a receptionist in his office building in dahlgren. He was from stafford, and she from king george. went on a few dates, and then a few more. Dated 5 years until he proposed to her unexpectedly on a work night. Were married on July 17, 2010, looking forward to the years to come….

    To be continued…

  74. Simply Sara says:

    I would be so happy to win this, would go right up on our mantle, love them!!!!!

    [email protected]

  75. McKenzie says:

    I would love a nursery print or the anniversary print! They are all so fun!

  76. McKenzie says:

    I follow Little Miss Momma!

  77. Following your blog and now Mod Momento's blog. I would love to win this. My hubby & I are expecting a little girl due July and would love to put either the Loved for the Nursery or Mod Birth Story Print in our nursery. I also really like the Mod Art Print – Home is Where Your Husband Is (the multi color version). She does such good work! Thanks for sharing!

  78. Clint & Lauren
    met when 17 years old – June 1998 – Summersalt camp at Myrtle Beach – went to North Greenville College together – married July 27, 2002 at Rehoboth Baptist Church in Piedmont, SC – first home in Inman – first big move to Louisville, KY – four babies: Mae in 2005, Cora in 2006, Lottie in 2008, and Gauge in 2010 – the story continues in Georgia

    [email protected]

  79. McKenzie says:

    We met on Facebook when he was adding people for his music page. We realized we had gone to elementary school together and that I already knew his famiy! We only dated for 3 months when he proposed at a concert through a freestyle rap! We got married on May 17, 2008. We just bought our first home and have a sweet puppy! To be continued…

  80. Elizabeth says:

    One boy and one girl met through friends long distance for which seemed too long. He finally moved to be with her. They drove off into the night in her Jeep wrangler packed full of his stuff and the pit-bull too while You can’t always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need played on the radio He grabbed her hand as they left town and she knew this was how its suppose to be The years seemed to be going by so fast and they both seemed to have different lives at times Life for them had struggles but they only grew stronger and became closer faith made things possible and their love for animals had made them a family he proposed in 2010 to be continued….

  81. Jayna Rae says:

    I totally want the Love Story print and the Home is Where Your Husband is Print. They both ROCK!!!!!

  82. Jayna Rae says:

    Jayna + David

    In the desert she saw him; he was exciting and elusive. At the cafe she heard him; his vocals soared. At the party they talked; he adored her. Quickly they fell in love, although he tried to resist because of their youth. She graduated high school. He found a career. She graduated college. Then, on April 26, 2003 they were bonded in marriage under God's authority in Claremont, CA. They lived and loved. She was broken and he helped her heal. They moved to the desert where their love first bloomed, and on July 4, 2008 were gifted a son followed by a second son on July 25, 2010 . . .

  83. Jayna Rae says:

    I follow Little Miss Momma

  84. I love the "Home is where your husband is". So cute and I'm a believer!

  85. I liked Mod Memento on FB and said hi!

  86. I follow LMM!

  87. Mrsuglesich says:

    I would want the Mod Birth Story Print with Monogram (8×10 inch)! I love it and it would look perfect in my sons room!

  88. Love the "home is where the husband is" print! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I am a faithful LMM follower!

  90. I liked them on Facebook!

  91. I too love the mod love story print! Would love it in our bedroom.

  92. I'd get the Mod Monogram Print

  93. I follow LMM

  94. Mindie Hilton says:

    I follow LMM

  95. Joseph's Grainery Recipes says:

    I'd go for one of the mod monogram prints…I think….too many fun things to choose from!

  96. Joseph's Grainery Recipes says:

    I'm a LMM follower!

  97. Jessie K says:

    I'd love the "Home is Where Your Husband is" because we used to drive truck and that's where our "home" was for the first 2 yrs of our marriage.

  98. Jessie K says:

    Boy meets girl-girl has boyfriend-few years later boy meets girl again-girl has different boyfriend-girl dumps boyfriend-boy asks girl on date 2 weeks after breakup, girl almost turns him down then decides to take a chance-girl tells girlfriend she's gonna marry boy 5 days after 1st date-boy proposes 1 month later- boy and girl married 5 months later, January 8, 2005-drive truck for 2 years-move to montana to have 1st baby girl-move to wyoming and have 2nd baby girl-to be continued…

  99. Jessie K says:

    I already follow you! Also just wanted to say, Baby W was born on my birthday, July 8!!!

  100. Ben and Taryn says:

    I love the "Home is where your husband is" or the love story print. Really cute love story you have!

  101. Ben and Taryn says:

    I follow LMM and love it! I really just love how real you are. Thanks for the great reads.

  102. I'm actually having a hard time choosing! I think I would go with the "I'd Rather Be In "insert honeymoon of our dreams." In our new house, the thing I cant imagine not having a bedroom that felt like our honeymoon in the Indian Ocean. This is a perfect touch!

  103. jamie @ kreyv says:

    LUV the mod love stories. I got chills when I read yours. I want one–my own that is!

  104. jamie @ kreyv says:

    I like them on FB.

  105. jamie @ kreyv says:

    I follow LMM. Hello. Who doesn't?

  106. Ben and Taryn says:

    Stake Dance-Homecoming and Prom Date-High School Sweethearts-Oops baby-quick wedding November 29th 2002-lots of love and struggles-Stryder J born June 10th, 2003-For Time and All Eternity December 6th, 2003-A move north-Shelby Rae born November 15th, 2004-A move south-Soren Robert born June 20th, 2006-Blood clots and tears-more struggles-moves with new job-growing kids and school-on our own and loving life-trying for number 4…to be continued

  107. Ranae Broadhead says:

    also love the love story print!

    [email protected]

  108. Ranae Broadhead says:

    like mod momento on fb!

    [email protected]

  109. Ranae Broadhead says:

    following the mod memento blog!

    [email protected]

  110. Ranae Broadhead says:

    following LMM of course

    [email protected]

  111. Ranae Broadhead says:
  112. Ranae Broadhead says:

    our story.
    we met at a party, i knew for a fact i was gonna marry him. but it took him a year to realize this. in that year i moved back to canada (14 hrs away) he then realized what hes missing out on 🙂 we dated long distance, and was engaged long distance. i met his family during thanksgiving 2009. we were engaged on thanksgiving. and married in portland oregon temple. march 5, 2010.

  113. I already follow LMM 🙂 of course.

  114. Follower of Mod Memento by blog and FB!

  115. Danny + Michelle

    Two kids + A boy from Ohio, a girl from Georgia + Christian Summer Camp in Minnesota + Crush at first sight + Call me when youre 18 + Six years later, She Called + Reunited in Florida + Love at first sight + Long distance + A ring on a mountainside + "I do" in the country + Praying for their first + All a Blessing sent by HIM

  116. I would definitely do the Love Story Print. So neat!

  117. I follow Little Miss Momma!

  118. I follow LMM!

  119. I "like" Mod Memento on fb

  120. I commented on Mod Memento's blog

  121. Sean + Summer

    Girl meets boy in Feb. 2002- Boy doesn't remember girl- Boy finally calls girl- They become inseparable- Boy proposes to girl in Feb. 2006- They marry in Sept. that same year- They welcome a baby boy in Dec. 2007- Another boy surprises them and arrives Feb. 2010- A happy family of 4.

  122. M* {Daydream Believers} says:

    Craig and Michelle
    Shy boy, Sweet girl- true High School Sweethearts. They were just 16; he adored her, she fell head over heels for him. Best of friends, she was his biggest fan and he was hers. On to college, hand in hand, celebrating each others accomplishments, dreaming of their “one day”. Their love grew. The proposal came on the beach, just as girl had always dreamt! The wedding was sweet. Their lives are blessed! From their love, two beautiful daughters were born. Their story continues…

  123. Nathania Hunter says:

    i would love to get a love story print! soooo cute
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  124. Nathania Hunter says:

    like and left a fb comment on their page1
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  125. Nathania Hunter says:

    Follow her blog and left a comment!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  126. Nathania Hunter says:

    follow LMM! nathania.a at gmail dot com

  127. Nathania Hunter says:
  128. Nathania Hunter says:

    friends of friends, 5hr drives around town, chinese food dates,11.07.07 is when it officially began, cookie's & milk dates. found out we were expecting after 7 months, had a beautiful baby girl 3.24.2009, engaged december 2009, had another beautiful girl 18 months after, 09.16.2010, fly fishing buddies, hunting buddies, reality show watching budies, best friends!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  129. Boy 8, girl 4, days spent sliding down stairs in sleeping bags, throwing pine cones. Girl thinks boy is cute, boy thinks girl is annoying until girl turns 16. Boy asks girl out. She says no, she's taken. Boy tries again a year later. Girl says yes. They fall in love. Boy proposes. Girl says YES! Married on June 26, 2004. First son born July 5, 2007. Second son born December 18, 2009. Family is complete and love continues to grow.

  130. roweaglejacket says:

    Love the mod love story print! What a cute idea.

  131. roweaglejacket says:

    I follow Little Miss momma and enjoy your posts!

  132. I would love to win the Love story one that you have! 🙂

  133. Following her blog and left a comment on this post: http://www.blog.modmemento.com/2011/03/mod-memento-giveaway-little-miss-momma.html


  134. Following LMM via GFC


  135. roweaglejacket says:

    Just Liked Mod Memento on Fb.

  136. Tweeted this giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/Ash_Creations/status/52463816952393728


  137. My story 🙂

    Ashley + Brady <3
    Lovers at heart.
    Cross Country.
    High school Sweethearts 🙂
    Both serving missions
    He makes me feel special,
    and I make him feel important.
    We're a match made in Heaven 🙂
    I love him dearly!!


  138. Hey LMM! I would chose the Mod Love Story Print – Personalized for the Bride & Groom! I am getting married to my high school sweetheart and best friend in April and I just love this memento… so sweet!

  139. Okay, I thought I would add mine just for fun! 🙂

    mike + bri

    we were like magnets after the first time we shook hands at the logan house on 7.9.01…we both worked at the same company and found plenty of excuses to bump into each other in the hallways and even snuck kisses in the elevators (how unprofessional!)…i knew mike was the one when he got me through the hardest time in my life, my parent's divorce…it was then that he became my best friend forever…mike proposed among millions of twinkling Christmas lights one rainy evening in December…we got married on 9.3.05 in front of loved ones and in front of God, the true author of our love story…then, on 1.2.08, God showed us yet another glimpse of His glory and gave us a daughter, Ashley Faith, to love with all our hearts…less than two years later, on 10.15.09, our son, Dillon Renato came along and completed yet another piece of our hearts that we didn't even know existed… now we spend our evenings feeding little ones, changing diapers, and exchanging weary glances in between bedtime stories…but we make a perfect team and where one is weak, the other is strong…may god bless the many chapters left to be written in our story of life…

  140. Amy @ Flowery Fashion says:

    Going away party for a Soldier. Instant Butterflies & Connection. Falling in love over the phone. Eloping on Midtour Leave. Back to Korea he went. Moving across country together for our first big adventure. 15 month deployment followed by another cross country move. 2 dogs and a cat come into play. 5 years in and we're emerging on deployment #3. We've got this. Stronger than ever, and a love like no other.

  141. Amy @ Flowery Fashion says:

    I follow LMM!

  142. Amy @ Flowery Fashion says:

    I love 'home is where your husband is', as we are a Military family and he's gone a TON! I may buy that if I don't win. 😉

  143. Wow – this is right up my alley! I love "home is where your husband is." Thank you!

  144. I follow you!

  145. Just left a FB comment!

  146. Jessi J. says:

    I totally thought Baby W's name was William (like my son's name (laughs))

  147. Heather + Steve
    High school friends. Never saw each other "that way". 4th of July 2000 they shared a kiss beneath fireworks. They felt fireworks. 8 years together. SF State and marketing degrees. Graduation and a sweet daughter born. Life as they knew it was changed forever. Never so blessed until… 4th of July 2009. A proposal (fianlly!). She said yes. July 4th 2010 life came full circle. They were married and professed their love before their dear friends and families. Anxiously awaiting their next little blessing.The best has yet to come…

  148. I like Mod Memento on FB 🙂

  149. Love the Mod Love Story Print – Personalized for the Bride and Groom…that's totally what I want!!

  150. already follow LMM 🙂

  151. I follow the Mod Memento blog:) Cute family… <3 it.

  152. Oh my GOSH!!! Those are so awesome. I'm in love!

  153. then shared it on FB

  154. Wow so cute! I'd love the mod love story print (color) anniversary gift 8×10 – I love the grey with white writing. Thanks! alicedemskehansen at gmail.com

  155. I follow your blog via gfc – thansk! alicedemskehansen at gmail.com

  156. other-option says:

    I'm a fan of the Mod Love Story Print.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  157. other-option says:

    I follow Little Miss Momma.
    – DAnielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  158. bran+boo
    he promised her that he would always treat her like a princess. and he did. she left everything she ever knew to be with that boy, and never turned back. she was everything he ever wanted, and he was the brightest thing she'd ever had. cuddles. snuggles. best friends. life couldn't be sweeter.

  159. im following lmm!

    [email protected](dot)com

  160. I tweeted this but can't figure out how to post a direct link to it so here's my twitter site:

  161. I follow LMM!

  162. I like Mod Memento on facebook!

  163. Anonymous says:

    I love the home is where your husband is and the love story. hattie [email protected]

  164. Jazmin @ Happily Ever After says:

    OH MY these are simply presh! Going to have to get one if I don't win! {maybe two} Like these two: Love Story Print or Digital Art for Nursery!! ♥

  165. Jazmin @ Happily Ever After says:

    I liked Mod Memento on Facebook!!

  166. Jazmin @ Happily Ever After says:

    I am now following Mod Memento blog!

  167. Jazmin @ Happily Ever After says:

    I follow Little Miss Momma.

  168. Love this! How cute! *I* would get either the Love Story or the Birth Story for our son.

  169. I follow your blog. 🙂

  170. I love the "home is where your husband is." and the your story print. lovely lovely. And I just found your blog. LOVE IT!

  171. I follow your blog too!

  172. Kendall and Andrew–met in high school, travelled in the same group of friends–separated to different colleges. 5 years later re-connected through grad school–fell in love–found out we were expecting a blessing from God, our baby girl Charlotte Grace. Were engaged to be married March 2010–welcomed Charlotte into the world Sept. 20 2010–wedding planned for Oct 2011. We fell in love, created our love, and now are living our love.

  173. Liked mod memento on fb!

  174. I would love to win the Charlotte poster. I have an entry on my blog about it!!

  175. Jeni Quillen says:

    It's hard to pick just one but I'm pretty sure my lil' one needs the Mod Baby print!

  176. Jeni Quillen says:

    I follow you

  177. Jeni Quillen says:

    Noah Michael Quillen
    forty-two minutes past eight in the morning. Friday. Snowy morning on the seventh of January of two thousand and eleven. nine pounds. two ounces. bright blue eyes. little chubby feet. love of our lives. newest member of the Quillen home.

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  179. I HEART the Definition poem!

  180. Chris & Lindsay
    Neighbors, Friends, A shoulder to cry on, BEST FRIENDS,
    Opposite sides of the fence, Yet a connection NO ONE could break. Patience. Las Vegas. Marriage and a baby in the baby carriage. New Home. Up all nights and lots of trial and error. Perfecting the parenthood. Enjoying life as a family of 3.

  181. since i a military wife"home is where your husband is" is most apt for me!
    so I would choose this!

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    Joey + Kristen
    Football game- Georgia Dome- Rainy pay phone calls- Yellow chairs- Deployment Wedding- March 12,2003- Mackenzie Leigh- Hollywood- First move- Kansas City- Madison Faith- Okinawa Japan- Joseph Nealon- Pensacola Florida- Elliot Sebastian- Boston Massachusetts… to be continued

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    Jim and Krystal
    Met on OKcupid.com… lived and loved one another.. married july 14th 2007… conceived in love 2 perfect baby boys… Adam 4/12/09… Jonathan 2/5/11… and will live happily ever after

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  201. Mod Love Story, you are right everyone has a story! keegan + mandy:)

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  205. keegan + mandy
    One boy…one girl…Flirted in science…She asked him out…He accepted…October 4th,1992…Love at 15…Snowball and baseball games…Heartbreak and betrayal…Distance could not erase…Phone calls and emails…15 years later…He climbed a ladder made my dreams come true…October 4th,2006…Forever…June 6th,2007 met the first living breathing symbol of their love…Aidan Kale…And February 14th, 2009 their second Kamden Kane…And that boy and that girl…haven't looked back…
    …to be continued

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  207. I would definitely choose Mod Love Story – such a neat idea!

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  209. Oh I'd love to win a print!! Esp the Love Story print – I recently got engaged and that would be a wonderful gift to give my (soon to be husband) on our wedding day!

    Mod Momento is simply wonderful and not to mention a killer lady and mom!! 🙂

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    Love at first sight for him… Love after first date for her. hiking, car towing, chalk art, flobots, coaster flipping, molten lava cake, dinosaurs, and Aplin Glo Stube. February 15, 2008- eternity. Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Coldplay, Garth Brooks and hot dogs. March 26, 2010- our family of two became three. We grow more in love with our baby boy and each other everyday…

    To be continued…

  214. claygirlsings says:

    It's a toss-up. I'd either pick the Love Story or the Home is where your husband is. Probably Love Story.

  215. claygirlsings says:

    Our story: Steadfast Class at Heritage Baptist – Roanoke – chili pie – I love you: Virginia Beach & kitchen in Tulsa – Endless Caverns, no reservation, Carmellos, yes! – From This Moment On – Lynchburg – Stuarts Draft – Waynesboro – Elkton – Highland – Carlisle – Columbia – new house and to be continued…

  216. These prints are gorgeous!! I'm torn between the mod monogram or the home is where your husband is. super cute!

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    Joe + Jenn

    Met at work in 05.2005. Shared many flirty emails and many passing glances. Went on their first date to a Diamondbacks' baseball game in 07.2005. They rooted for opposing teams. He proposed in NYC at the Empire State Building on 07.02.2008. He was nervous. She was shocked. They got married in Scottsdale, AZ on 10.16.2009 at the Orange Tree Golf Resort. They smashed cake in each other's face and slow danced to "Can't Take my Eyes Off You". They went to Jamaica on their honeymoon where they zip-lined, golfed, and climbed a waterfall. They had their first child, Evelyn Rose on 9.11.10. They have spent the last 6 years making each other laugh daily.

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    Wowsas! I love them all. Love that Mod Love Story, and The Definition. What great gifts! Thanks for sharing.

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    illinois state university.
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    jack matthew.
    toil and trouble.
    vance michael.
    not afraid.

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    Toby & Kate

    High school sweethearts-prom-spanish class-college dating-323 proposal-first house-wed 05/27/00-Las Vegas-Platte Lake-Emmah Ruth 04/23/03-Jake Maddux 07/22/05-friends-many laughs

    to be continued…

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    For "My Story" I'd do something for my goddaughter.

    Sarita. 5 years old. Cancer survivor. Lover of life. Big sister. Loving. Kind. Cinderella at heart. Loved by all. Angel to Belinda. Wearer of many hats. Miracle. Blessing. Loved.

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