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The Moustache Necklace on GroopDealz {only $9}

Head over to Groop Dealz today, and for a very limited time get the rockin Moustache Necklace at a super duper low price. Get one for your sista, your momma, {…Read More…}


Once Upon a Time I Was Crazy

I’m writing over here today. I wrote a story about those days when I was crazy. When I think about it, its actually amazing I still have friends after that {…Read More…}


The Pioneer Woman’s Books (Ree Drummond)

The Pioneer Woman’s Books {I’m gonna get my read on} {source} When I went to my first blog conference, I was given some fabulous insight. One of the speakers said, {…Read More…}


The Shine Project {be inspired}

Every now and thensomeone comes into your lifewho makes you want to be a better version of yourself. And sometimes that person is a stranger,someone you have never met in {…Read More…}


Our Love Story {and a Mod Memento GIVEAWAY & Discount}

We all have a story. It may be about the lessons we’ve learned,about the adventures we’ve taken,of how we fell in love,how we found faith,how we created life. And this {…Read More…}


What I Wore {and an anecdote on marriage}

Here’s what I’ve learned. When I write a post about what I wore, then I care a bit more about how I look. And the hubby deserves for me to {…Read More…}


What’s In My Bag {before & after} GIVEAWAY

{scroll down for the Thirty One giveaway info} On Sunday we go to church. We do our best to take a deep breath, to just BE with each other, to reflect on {…Read More…}


My Top Secret Journal

A peak into my journal. age 7 Apparently, three things haven’t changed since early childhood: 1. my love for Mexican food 2. my love for my Momma 3. my terrible {…Read More…}


SITS Bloggy Boot Camp Wrap Up

SITS Bloggy Boot Camp San Diego:Part ONE Beach, checkLap Top, checkBiz Cards, checkFabulous Hotty Mc Hotties, CHECK{InCircle Interiors, Life Buy The Beach, me, I Heart Andy Gross, Momma Go Round}It’s {…Read More…}


Just Lovely Things {GIVEAWAY and discount}

Sometimes I like to make predictions. To be the one who says something out loud that way when it actually happens, I can be the one who said I told {…Read More…}


Rainy Days = No Guilt

There are many reasons I love rainy days like today. They bring back carefree childhood memories of jumping in puddles constructing gutter sail boats, and sliding in the mud. But {…Read More…}


DISCOUNTS up the Wazoo!

Have you been eyeing some pretties from our lovely sponsors shops? I know I have! I’ll get straight to the point. We have some off-the-hook discounts for y’all! Like super {…Read More…}

I’m Here

I’m here… Let the sweaty arm pits, nervous hair flipping, and making bloggy BFF’s that are sure to last a lifetime begin. read this post if you are wondering what {…Read More…}


Something Smells Fabulous {scentsy giveaway}

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I threw a Scentsy Basket Party and ended up with tons of FREE product? No, I didn’t? Well, I should have.Because {…Read More…}


I don’t need a doctor to tell me it’s broken, right?

It was a warm California afternoon. We decided to embrace the nearly Spring time weather with a BBQ. We were even going to eat outside. I was a bit excited. {…Read More…}


The Art of Nose Picking

Dear 16 Year Old Baby W, I’m Sorry. I couldn’t resist. At least you don’t eat them. love, momma P.S. Did I mention that I love you. Because I do–boy do {…Read More…}


Dragon Fly Glitter Headband TUTORIAL {by Eisy Morgan}

I just discovered a new blog,and it makes me happy. Eisy Morgan, is my new go-to blog for crafts, blogging tips, fun stories and every hair tutorial you can imagine! {…Read More…}


March Madness Competition Baby

March Madness is kinda a big deal in the Little Miss Momma household. And since we’re all BFF’s now, I thought why not invite you into the drama excitement. The {…Read More…}


The REAL Reason I’m Not Pregnant With No. 2

read this first.____________ I’m scared.I’m scared of how hard pregnancy is.I’m scared of spending an entire 9 months hunched over a toilet,of having a perpetual migraine.I’m scared people will think {…Read More…}


Let’s Go Shopping for a Spring Wardrobe, shall we

It’s Spring, and my wardrobe is in need of a major overhaul. Ya know, things that aren’t black, white and gray. So what better time to introduce my latest obsession. {…Read More…}