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The Art of Taking an Impromtu Family Portrait {with toddlers}

We tried, we really did… And yes, my child is the only one bouncing off the walls in every picture. And for those of you who watch Modern Family, you {…Read More…}


WINNER and a Silhouette Update {discount code}

Let’s get straight to the details, shall we. The WINNER of the Purse Bling Giveaway: is Comment #418 1neProud Mama And that is the header for her super awesome blog. Please {…Read More…}


Comin at’cha from Chey-Town

Coming at’cha from Chey-town {aka Cheyenne, WY}. Where the snow is fresh, the family is abundant, the outfits are not snow appropriate, the hubby takes a snow shovel to channel {…Read More…}


Our Valentines Day {moustache style}

This year I decided I wasn’t going to let Valentines Day get the best of us. No matter how simple our evening would turn out,  I was determined that we {…Read More…}


One Year Ago Today {a blogiversary}

Blogiversary {one year ago today…} {taken about a year ago}  One year ago today, I logged into blogger and spent a few hours typing in every clever blog name I {…Read More…}


The Value of Hard Work

{my Momma and baby me} {my Momma and baby me} One of the things I most appreciate about my Momma, was how she instilled the value of hard work within me {…Read More…}

style My+Make+Up12

The One Where I Show You How I Put My Face On

Warning: I don’t know what I’m doing.  I am not an authority on the do’s and don’ts of the “art of makeup”.  I do things like lick a q-tip and {…Read More…}


It’s My Job to Worry, right?

So I’ve determinedthat it’s a Momma’s job to worry.We worry when they’re in our bellies.Is he kicking enough?Is he getting enough nutrients?Was that bath I took too hot?Is he facing {…Read More…}


What’s In My Purse {and a GIVEAWAY & Discount}

What’s In My Purse {and a giveaway & discount} Every year I make a New Years resolution to get myself organized. Like clock work, on January 1st, I head out {…Read More…}


Your TOP 5 Questions About Interior Design Answered

GUEST BLOGGER: Your TOP 5 Questions About Interior Design Answered by a Professional {scroll down for details about a FREE $150 Color Consult} My name is Cyndi Broadhead, I am {…Read More…}


A Little Somethin Somethin to Spice Up the…Wardrobe {and free shipping}

I love owning multi-functional accessories. It just makes fashion easier, and more fun, and it gives your style a bit more “pizazz”. Ok, so maybe pizazz wasn’t the best word, {…Read More…}


The One Where I Show You Pictures of My Spanx {true story}

Oh YES I did. And oh YES I am blogging about it. I finally broke down, and I jumped onto the Spanx bandwagon today. {purchased at Costco} Seriously people, these {…Read More…}


My birthDAY in Pictures

My birthday used to be about BIG presents, and lots of them, a “special” cake with sparkly candles, balloons and streamers, and being the center of attention for an e.n.t.i.r.e. {…Read More…}


Handbags & Handguns

My love affair with Hotpants first began a few months ago when I discovered her little gem of a blog {Handbags & Handguns} on SITs.  The is the first thing I {…Read More…}


Where did you get your beret, you ask? {GIVEAWAY and a DISCOUNT}

{Scroll down for discount code} Y’all remember the adorable Nichelle of Vintage Wanna Bee. She was here a few weeks ago teaching us how to add glam to our shoes, it {…Read More…}


Did I Mention I’m Sicker Than a Dog?

Have we ever talked about how I don’t know how to be sick? Like how I don’t know how to be productive when I’m sick… Or how I think I {…Read More…}


Dear Baby W, your bed head makes me smile

Dear Baby W, You are a BIG BOY now,sleeping in a BIG BOY bedwith a Momma who sneaks a peakof the only peaceful momentsyou’ll give me all day. And when {…Read More…}


Umm, Like, Hair Flip and then Some Blog Tips In Between

I can’t promise that you won’t hear your fair share of Ummmmsand a handful ofLikesand even someAwesomesbecause those seem to be my words of choice when speaking in front of {…Read More…}


I Don’t Know About You, But My Neck Is Cold

In a few weeks, our little trio will be packing up what few warm clothes we own and heading out to visit the hubby’s family in his home town of {…Read More…}


Just Because Celebrities Do It, Doesn’t Make it Cool

Or does it? I’m still not convinced about the red denim trend, which is why I have left the price tag on. Maybe if it was 1982 then I wouldn’t bat {…Read More…}