a little bit Awkward, a little bit Awesome {through my childhood years}

a little bit Awkward, a little bit Awesome
Through My Childhood

A little while back, I was inspired by my bud, Sydney of the Daybook, to write this post about the awkward and awesome of everyday life.
And today, I want to do it again.
But with a twist this time.
February is my birthday month.
And the past few years, February has been a time of reflection.
Of feeling like I wish everything would just slow down for a minute,
{while also feeling like some things would speed up}.

I used to teach the 15 and 16 year old girls at Church.
And I always gave myself a pat on the back because
“it wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting in their shoes”.

But you know what?
It was that long ago.
And this year it hit me.
I am getting old.

Like sore knees and bad back kinda old.
Like get a headache from loud music kinda old.
Like hate scary movies and no patience for Nickelodeon kinda old.

And the older I began to feel,
the more motivated I became to dig into my “memory box”,
pull out some old pictures,
and remember the days of old.

And those days were full of a whole lotta awkward
and a whole lotta awesome.

Let’s start with the awkward,
because that’s more entertaining.

Sucking my thumb until I was 11 {maybe even 12}–awkward.

The infamous creepy Santa pic–every kid has one.
Not to mention that I look I just woke up and I’m not entirely sure whats up with my hair line.

This ones awkward for my momma. Can you guess why?
Yep, it’s the hair–gotta love the 80′s.

Suspenders, missing teeth, and a slicked back pony tail–the picture really speaks for itself.

For clarification, this is my school “hippy day” outfit.
But really? Couldn’t I have found a cuter version of a hippy?

Have you ever seen a picture of the world’s largest front teeth?
Well, now you have.

Awkward of the highest proportions.
My version of the Kelly Kapowski {saved by the bell} hair wave–fail.

The awkward preteen years.
You know the ones.
Where you forget how smile like a normal person for a few years.
And you are forced to wear your retainer in public.
And you used lingo like “sike” and “not“.

And you wear outfits that resemble no sense of real style.
Oh, and the claw bangs that stayed in place courtesy of RAVE hair spray,
and somehow always left me with a shiny hairspray forehead.
My obsession with Brad Pitt.
So obsessed, in fact, that my aunt took me to get a picture of myself superimposed next to him {hangs head in shame}.

I think we can probably end the awkward embarrassing on that note.

And now,
onto the Awesome.

A Momma who has been your best friend from day one.

Grandpa snuggles and chubby cheeks.

Looking at your own baby pictures
and seeing the face of Baby W.

That’s Baby W dressed up as a girl,
not really,
but it could be.

Baby bedhead and toothy grins.

Memorable family vacations.
Being a Trojan since the beginning!
Fight On!
What awkward and awesome do you remember about your childhood?
BTW: In order to get these pictures onto my computer I DIDN’T scan them. I just took a picture of the picture.
Try it, its super easy.
And then you can share your own awkward and awesome childhood moments with us!
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  1. Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever says:

    Thank you for sharing! How did you take a good picture of a picture? Mine always end up looking all distored and skewed. :(

  2. ok holy cow! seriously baby w looks nothing like ben (except the dimples) after seeing these pics of you. The one where you are missing a tooth looks identical to the babe. I can't wait to see you guys. 3 weeks and counting!

  3. Free Pretty Things For You says:

    OMGohs!! I had those same CLAW BANGS!! LOL
    All my old photos are packed up but when find them ill have to post!!
    Hilarious doll!!!!

  4. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too says:

    Awww, what a great post! Baby W does look exactly like you!!!

  5. Hello miss Ashely. I have a question for u about living in the Los Angeles area. What city would u recommend to live in if u have a family with kids,are a stay at home mom and has a hubby that works at LA county hospital? We currently live in the San gabriel area (a little over 1yr.) and it is really hard for me to live here. Any advice would be great! Thanks.

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