A girl can never have to many…

{that’s exactly what you thought I was gonna say, huh}
Allow me to introduce you to my collection:
Knobs, meet my friends…
Friends, meet my knobs…
Let’s take a closer look, shall we:


A few of my favorites:

Some of my more “unique” finds:

Vintage inspired:

Until I come up with some ridiculously clever use for these knobs, they will continue to live in vases on my shelves.

{they make me smile}
Any genius suggestions for my collection??
Ashley Stock
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  1. Alayna Howard says:

    Where do you find all of these? I love them!!

  2. I’ve seen chests of drawers that have been painted white, with every drawer having a different drawer knob on it. Same works on kitchen cupboards etc. It looks really interesting, quirky and fun!

  3. Hi i dont know if you have a hobby lobby but they have tons of these knobs all at 50% off this week. I love them too. I make wall crosses and use them on the center of the cross sometimes. They look cute.

  4. I adore these! I have had my eye out for something similar, but alas all I see are the boring old silver ones you can find at any home depot. I need to get my booty out of bed and do some garage sale shopping I suppose. I love the way to display them!

  5. Connie Watson says:

    I love the pretty knobs. They look great in your vases of course. I would use some as “hooks” for towels, jewelry, or decoration around a mirror hung in a nice place…So pretty!!

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