Baby Food Jar Project {DIY Gift Packaging}

DIY Gift Packaging
aka Re-Purpose Baby Food Jars
Last week I posted a tutorial on how to make your own statement rings, locket rings, etc. And as promised, I have included a how-to for some adorable and cheap gift packaging for your new rings. I have been collecting baby food jars since Baby W was a wee-one, waiting for the perfect project for them.  Well i have found it–gift jars!
I know some girlies who are graduating this week, so I made them each a locket ring and packaged them up in these bad boys:

 Cute, huh!
Here’s what you need to make your own:
Empty baby food jars {or any jars}
Spray paint for the lids {in the color of your choice}
Any other fun packaging {see tins above that I found at Michael’s for $1}
White crinkle paper for filler {or tissue paper}
Florist foam {optional}
Fringe and other embellishments
Glue gun and hot glue
Spray paint all the lids the color of your choice and set them aside to dry.
Place your foam inside of your jar or gift box/tin.
This step is not necessary–I used the foam to be sure that the ring stayed upright.
Place your crinkle paper on top of the foam to hide it. 
Firmly press your ring base into the foam to hold it into place.
Add all of your embellishments with the hot glue.
Learn how to make these paper flowers here.
Hot glue your fringe around the rim of your jars and/or tins.
Add any other fun embellishments such as the monogram J on the large jar.
I also glue gunned a strip of funky scrapbook paper around the jars.

And there you have it.
A super easy, super fun, and super cheap way to create the ultimate keepsake gift wrapping.
Perfect for any small gifts
Happy Crafting!
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  4. I am gonna keep this blog post:D I have at least 100 gerber jars in the house:D so I will try to make it as giveaways for my baby’s first birthday ehehhe

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