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Guest Blogger Love Stitched {{TUTORIAL}}

I am super excited to be handing over LMM to one of my all-time favorite crafty bloggers—Brittany at Love Stitched! Good luck finding a more talented chica {she sews, she {…Read More…}


This is why…

You need to have a professional license to cut hair. And clearly I don’t have one.


Dear Target

Dear Target, Forget Disneyland!  For me, you are the happiest place on Earth. I can honestly say that visiting you is the one errand I actually look forward to. The {…Read More…}


Baby Footprint Plaque Tutorial

Baby Footprint Plaque Tutorial {Featuring Mod Podge, of course} I had grand plans of having this project completed before Father’s Day so that I could share this gift idea with {…Read More…}


Daddy Day

Happy Very First Daddy’s Day to my Hubby Hubster Baby W wanted you to have this: His very first work of art, painted especially for you. And let Mommy tell {…Read More…}


Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins {they will rock your world} The other day Baby W was a bit under the weather and took an unexpected 2.5 hour nap.  NEVER before has {…Read More…}


Cry it Out Method

I tried it… After the longest 45 minutes of my life, it worked… And when I went to check on Baby W, this is what I found. *And his cuteness {…Read More…}


Baby W Goes to the Farm

Underwood Family Farms that is… And it was more fun than I could have imagined! Earlier this week I dressed Baby W in his overalls and we headed to the farm. {…Read More…}


Baby Food Jar Project {DIY Gift Packaging}

DIY Gift Packaging aka Re-Purpose Baby Food Jars Last week I posted a tutorial on how to make your own statement rings, locket rings, etc. And as promised, I have {…Read More…}

A Story in Pictures

Attention: I have a new BFF And after this post, she’ll be your BFF too! Meet Jessica: And she’s more than just a pretty face. She’s a Momma of 5 {…Read More…}


Cramps, where art thou?

Cramps, where art thou? It just hit me the other day. Uhhh, when was the last time Aunt Flow came to visit me. I mean, every 30 days, like clock {…Read More…}


Circus Baby Shower

Circus Baby Shower {aka: Cirque Du Bebe Shower} Popcorn favors + pom poms + pin wheels + circus animals + carmel apples + strawberry lemonade + BBQ chicken salad + homemade cheesecake + Bebe banner = Best Circus {…Read More…}


I know its Summer Time When…

How do I know it’s summer time, you ask? My feet tell me, that’s how! During the summer I wear one thing on my feet, and one thing only–my totally {…Read More…}


I Have a Secret

I have a secret. It is personal. I have had this secret since I was 9 years old. My secret embarrasses me, but I am not ashamed. My secret is {…Read More…}


Locket Ring Tutorial {and then some extra goodies}

Locket Ring Tutorial and other DIY Rings I went to Michael’s {my home away from home} today with no clue what I would be getting for my next project.  I {…Read More…}